10 Interesting F Scott Fitzgerald Facts

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F Scott Fitzgerald facts belong to the important topic among people nowadays. If you are fans of him, the facts below will be good additional knowledge about him. Can’t you wait anymore? Therefore, just check the information here.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 1: the stage

You may recognize whether in prep schools or in his professional career, F. Scott Fitzgerald had the interest about many hobbies such as writing for any stage he involves in. Within the year 1911 and also 1914, he wrote about 4 plays. All of the plays were performed by drama troupe in Minneapolis.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 2: the peak success

Fitzgerald achieved his peak success in the year 1928. He gained success as the author of Saturday Evening Post. Within the year, he published about 8 stories. It also provided him the great fortune.

F Scott Fitzgerald and Wife

F Scott Fitzgerald and Wife

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 3: autobiographical short stories

In the late of 1920s, he wrote famous series of autobiographical short stories. The stories were for The Saturday Evening Post. The stories were written based on his experiences as adolescent. People call it as Basil Stories.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 4: Wartime story

F Scott Fitzgerald also wrote about Council on Books during the WW II. It wasn’t established for profit. Perhaps some of you still don’t really know about this.

F Scott Fitzgerald facts

F Scott Fitzgerald facts

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 5: Three Comrades

Do you know famous film in 1938 Three Comrades? It was actually the screen credit of Fitzgerald. The true assignment came after eighteen months based on MGM. In fact, it was the film dedicated for Joseph Mankiewicz.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 6: the Beautiful and Damned

The second novel of him which is also famous. It is The Beautiful and Damned. The novel was serialized in a Magazine. You can read the entire novel whether from the books or from the Metropolitan Magazine.

F Scott Fitzgerald Family

F Scott Fitzgerald Family

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 7: This Side of Paradise

Fitzgerald also composed one page note of This Side of Paradise. It was distributed in May 1920. It was during the convention of the Association of American Bookseller.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 8:  1920s

The fame of Fitzgerald was increased in the year 1920s. He involved mostly in Paris. He got many friends such as Ernest Hemingway. Their friendships become so much vigorous.

Family portrait

Family portrait

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 9: moved to Hollywood

Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood in 1937. In fact, he made the highest annual income of $29,757.87. Most of the income came from the sales of his short story.

F Scott Fitzgerald Facts 10: the death

He had the drinking problem during his life. In the late 1930s, his health was terrible and led him to death.

F Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald

Those facts about F Scott Fitzgerald only part of thorough trivia about him. You can browse more about him online for further facts. I think the facts above will be the basic for you.

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