10 Interesting King George V Facts

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The people who are interested with the history of England need to read King George V facts. King George was the second son of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. He came as the heir of the throne since his elder brother died because of pneumonia. Here are the surprising facts about King George V:

King George V Facts 1: date of birth

King George V was born on June 3rd 1865. He was the second son in the family. His elder brother passed away because of pneumonia on January 14th, 1892. His name was Albert Victor Duke of Clarence. He was born in 1864.

King George V Facts 2:name

When he was born, George was named George Frederick Ernest Albert. When he sat as the king of England, people call it as King George V.

king george v child

king george v child

King George V Facts 3: royal navy

Before he was the king of England, he was enrolled at the royal navy in 1877. He became the royal cadet and served HMR Britannia. In 1880s, he was on HMS Canada. In 1890, he joined JMS Trush.

King George V Facts 4: Mary of Teck

At first Mary of Teck was engaged to George’s brother. Since his brother died, the engagement was arranged for George’s wedding. It seems that Mary and George were satisfied with the wedding since he was not involved with any sex scandal during his marriage.

king george v facts

king george v facts

King George V Facts 5: children

King George V had six children with Mary of Teck. Two of his children reigned the throne of England. Both were George VI and Edward VIII.

King George V Facts 6: duchy

After the death of his first brother, he was made as the Duke of York.  George got a new title as a duchy or a Cornwall after the accession of his father Edward VII and the death of Victoria.

king george v image

king george v image

King George V Facts 7: a tour

The royal couple, George and Mary made a tour on Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The tour lasted for 231 days. Read another king of England in King Henry VIII facts.

King George V Facts 8: Herbert Asquith & Asquith

Herbert Asquith & Asquith were the liberal prime ministers when George became the king in 1910.

king george v marriage

king george v marriage

King George V Facts 9: crown

George got the crown as the king on June 22nd, 1911. Soon after he received the crown, he travelled to India. There, he received the allegiance.

King George V Facts 10: a Christmas broadcast

In 1932, George V created a Christmas broadcast as a tradition in the country.

king george v pic

king george v pic

After the death of George V, his son Edward took over the throne and became the king. Are you amazed with facts about King George V?

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