10 Interesting Kate Sheppard Facts

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Kate Sheppard facts present the information about the most famous suffragette in New Zealand. She was known as the important member of Women’s suffrage in New Zealand. People simply call her Kate. Find out more about the journey of her life as a suffragette in the following post below:

Kate Sheppard Facts 1: the full name

Do you know the full name of Kate Sheppard? She was born on March 10, 1847 with the full name Catherine Wilson Malcolm.

Kate Sheppard Facts 2: fame

Kate Sheppard is the leading member of women suffrage. She was famous with her New Zealand ten dollar note.  Her work brought a good impact on the suffrage development in other countries besides New Zealand. Look at another activist and writer in Kate Chopin facts.

Kate Sheppard Beauty

Kate Sheppard Beauty

Kate Sheppard Facts 3: early life

Kate was not born in New Zealand. She was born in Liverpool.  Her parents were Andrew Will Malcolm and Jem Crawford Souter.

Kate Sheppard Facts 4: name

Even though her real name Catherine Wilson Malcolm, she preferred to use the name Katherine with K rather than Catherine. She loved to be called Kate as her nick name.

Kate Sheppard Facts

Kate Sheppard Facts

Kate Sheppard Facts 5: intelligence

The young Kate was smart and intelligent. She had broad knowledge and great intellectual ability.

Kate Sheppard Facts 6: uncle

Kate’s uncle was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland at Naim. At one time, she lived with her uncle.

Kate Sheppard Pic

Kate Sheppard Pic

Kate Sheppard Facts 7: the father’s death

The death of her father brought an impact on her life. Kate and her siblings had to live in Christchurch, New Zealand with their mother in 1869.

Kate Sheppard Facts 8: personal life

Talking about her personal life, Kate married to Water Allen Sheppard. So her last name was changed to Sheppard.  On 8th December 1880, she had a baby, Douglas. He was the only child in the family.

Kate Sheppard Statue

Kate Sheppard Statue

Kate Sheppard Facts 9: New Zealand Women’s Christian Temperance Union

New Zealand Women’s Christian Temperance Union was a part of the temperance movement. Kate was involved with the organization in 1885. She was interested with the organization because of her religious belief.

Kate Sheppard Facts 10: a powerful speaker

Kate was a powerful speaker. In 1891, The Temperance Union presented a petition about the suffrage to the New Zealand parliament.

Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard

In 1915, Kate’s husband died. In 1925, she married to William Sidney Lovel Smith who passed away four years after the marriage. She died on July 13, 1934 in Christchurch. Are you wondered with facts about Kate Sheppard?

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