10 Interesting Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts

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Gerard Manley Hopkins facts will be major interest for people who want to study about this poet and priest. The facts below can be your first effort to recognize him better. Therefore, it may never make you suffering from disappointment indeed.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 1: who is he?

He was recognized as English poet generally. Yet, he was also Jesuit priest, Roman Catholic convert, and also had the fame as the leading Victorian poets.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 2:  prosody

Many people in his time became so much attentive about his exploration of experiment in prosody. It was especially for sprung rhythm. He also used imagery as of largely traditional verse within his period.

Gerard Manley Hopkins face

Gerard Manley Hopkins face

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 3:  birth

Gerard Manley was born on 28 July 1844. He was born in Stratford, Essex. Now, Essex was recognized as Greater London.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 4: family

His parents were Catherine and Manley Hopkins. His father was quite success. He was the founder of insurance firm there and also was the British consul general in Hawaii. In fact, the father was also the church warden. It was at St John-at-Hampstead.

Gerard Manley Hopkins facts

Gerard Manley Hopkins facts

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 5: skilled draughtsman

Gerard Manley was also a skilled draughtsman. He found that his early training of visual art had supported him later as the famous poet.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 6:  Balliol College, Oxford

He once studied classics on Balliol College, Oxford. He was very sensitive and also shy student. He also was a poet when he studied there. It could be seen from his notes and early poetic pieces made in class.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Image

Gerard Manley Hopkins Image

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 7: Christina Rossetti

Any great poets had their inspiration. Gerard Manley was impressed and inspired by the work of Christina Rossetti.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 8:  sins

When in Oxford, he was very prolific poet and also became a socialite. He gained recognition that he had the changed of behavior there. He even recorded his sins within his diary.

Gerard Butler Wallpaper

Gerard Butler Wallpaper

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 9: losing spirit

He had several problems and depressions which may affect significantly to his spirits and also restrict him to gain inspiration from his poetry work.

Gerard Manley Hopkins Facts 10: the death

He suffered ill for some years. He died because of typhoid fever. It was in 1889. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery. After suffering ill health for several years and bouts of diarrhoea, Hopkins died of typhoid fever in 1889 and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Reviewing facts about Gerard Manley Hopkins is very beneficial indeed. So, you need to understand better in how to be able to take benefits those facts for your study or others. Those who study about biography can really take benefit from it.

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