10 Interesting Drought Facts

Thursday, January 2nd 2014. | Disasters

Drought facts present the sad information about on of the common natural disaster that you can find in tropical and hot area. The people who have to struggle hard from drought usually are the ones living in African continent. The hot temperature with lack of water and plants make them suffer much. Find out ore facts about drought in the following post:

Drought Facts 1: types of drought

There are four types of drought that people should know. Those are the agricultural, meteorological, socioeconomic, and hydrological drought.

Drought Facts 2: socioeconomic drought

The socio economic drought is defined with water shortage which affects the people in a certain society. It means that they lack access to the running water and drinking water.

Drought facts

Drought facts

Drought Facts 3: meteorological drought

The meteorological drought will be experienced by the people if there is lack of rainfall in the region.  Therefore, people cannot get the water from the source on the land.

Drought Facts 4: agricultural drought

When people face agricultural drought, they live without water to grow crops on the farm. It affects the production of food in the region. Thus, the price of crops is higher.

Drought Hot

Drought Hot

Drought Facts 5: Hydrological drought

The low level of water in the reservoir and lake in the region make people face the Hydrological drought.

Drought Facts 6: causes of drought

There are many causes of drought. The human being should realize them if they want to live with abundant water.  The illegal logging, ruin forest, and global warning can be the biggest causes. It contributes the lack amount of water to vapor on the sky. Thus, the rainfall is very limited.

drought weather

drought weather

Drought Facts 7: fresh water

The fresh water is very difficult to get when people live in drought. Usually the rivers, reservoirs, and lakes are running dry.

Drought Facts 8: climate

The climate in a certain region affects the level of drought. You can find drought in New York, Georgia, Colorado, California, Sub Saharan African, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Australia. All of them are in desert type region with lack rainfall.

Drought in India

Drought in India

Drought Facts 9: impact of drought

Besides affecting the health of human being, drought also has a big impact on the tourism, recreation transpiration, energy production, water supply and agriculture.

Drought Facts 10: global warming

Due to the increase of the temperature on earth, the risk of having drought is doubled today.



Now drought frequently affects the people due to the increase of heat in many regions on earth. Do you have any suggestion on facts about drought?

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