10 Interesting Edinburgh Facts

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One of the leading European cities is explained in Edinburgh Facts. This city is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There is no need to wonder if a travel magazine named Wanderlust included this city in the world top ten cities in 2008. Find out many other interesting ideas about Edinburgh in the following post below:

Edinburgh Facts 1: UK Best City

Edinburgh is a very special city in United Kingdom.  This city is awarded by the government with more than 12 UK best City awards in the last 7 years. The inhabitants love to stay in the city because it is beautiful, old and safe.

Edinburgh Facts 2: workforce

The workforce of the people living in Edinburgh is great. In UK, the Edinburgh workface is considered as one of the highest qualities. Most people in the city hold a professional or a degree level qualification.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Facts 3: companies

This city is the home to more than 100 companies. Thus, most people in the city live well. The companies in the city involve in tourism, technology, and finance.

Edinburgh Facts 4: transport infrastructure

The facilities in Edinburgh are great. Even though the city still maintains its classic structure, you can find wonderful public transport infrastructure. Since 2000, the officials spent more than 130 million pounds sterling to improve the transport.

edinburgh city

Edinburgh city

Edinburgh Facts 5: economic growth

Compared to any other cities in UK, Edinburgh is the city which can enjoy the highest economic growth.  This is the only city outside London which has good GDP.

Edinburgh Facts 6: ‘Ideopolis’

Edinburgh is called as the ‘Ideopolis’ city located just outside London.  This city is a combination of life style, knowledge, connectivity, enterprise, tourism and creativity

edinburgh, scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Facts 7: knowledge

The knowledge based employees are abundant in Edinburgh. This city is considered as the source of knowledge due to the gathering of the researchers and students from all over the world.

Edinburgh Facts 8: research institution

There are several research institutions in Edinburgh. Some of them include the University of Edinburgh and Herito –Watt.

Edinburgh View

Edinburgh View

Edinburgh Facts 9: The best place

A channel four location selected Edinburgh as the best place in 2007. If you like to visit Edinburgh, do it on August for it becomes the host of the art festive in the world.

Edinburgh Facts 10: World Heritage

The old and new towns in Edinburgh are included in the world Heritage site of UNESCO.

Edinburgh facts

Edinburgh facts

The people who like to enjoy the classic feeling when visiting Edinburgh can go to the old town. You can enjoy St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood house Palace. Do you have opinion on facts about Edinburgh?

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