10 Interesting Hilary Duff Facts

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If you like to know the main starrer in the Beauty and the Briefcase, you need to read Hilary Duff facts. Duff begins his debut as a child actress. This woman now has a kid named Luca. She is considered as a beautiful woman with wonderful body. Find out more about his acting venture and personal life below:

Hilary Duff Facts 1: Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher shared screen with Hilary Duff in an uncredited role. You can see that a movie starred By Hillary along with Steve Martin and Tom Welling in a Cheaper by The Dozen in 2003. Kutcher played as Hank.

Hilary Duff Facts 2: Punk’d

Punk’d is one of the hot television programs. Hillary was being punked by Ashton when she got a driving lesson.

Hilary Duff Beauty

Hilary Duff Beauty

Hilary Duff Facts 3: ‘So Yesterday’

‘So Yesterday’ is a movie clip by Hillary. In the clip, it showed that Hillary stole a shirt for her ex boyfriend. The shirt has the note everything is Bigger in Texas.

Hilary Duff Facts 4: singles

There are several singles that Hillary had released in her life time. The first one is I Can’t Wait. Then it was followed by Why Not? And So Yesterday.

Hilary Duff Face

Hilary Duff Face

Hilary Duff Facts 5: place of birth

Many people think that Hillary Duff was born in Alabama. Actually she was born in Houston, Texas.

Hilary Duff Facts 6: parents

Hillary’s parents are Bob and Susan.  Her elder sister, Haylie bumped into acting after she was encouraged by the parents. Then Hillary decided to follow her sister’s step.

Hilary Duff Facts

Hilary Duff Facts

Hilary Duff Facts 7: ‘Agent Cody Banks’

Her movie in ‘Agent Cody Banks’ amazes people. You are wrong if you think she also appears in ‘Agent Cody Banks 2’. It was Hannah from S Club 7 who did her part in the second sequel.

Hilary Duff Facts 8: the first album

Hillary Duff is not only famous as an actress, but she is also a good singer. Metamorphosis is the first debut album of Hillary. It contains a track entitled Metamorphosis.

Hilary Duff Hair

Hilary Duff Hair

Hilary Duff Facts 9: Haylie

Haylie is the elder system of Hillary Duff. This woman appeared in Lizzie McGuire. She became the older cousin of Hillary named Amy.

Hilary Duff Facts 10: date of birth

Hilary Duff was born on 28th September 1987. She begins her acting as a child actress since she was only three years old.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

In 1999, people began to recognize her popularity to the favorite show Lizzie McGuire on TV. Are you fascinated with facts about Hillary Duff?

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