10 Interesting Leicester Facts

Tuesday, June 10th 2014. | Cities

One of the midland cities in United Kingdom is explained in Leicester facts.  If you have gone to UK, you need to visit Leicester for it is the home of timeless attraction. You can enjoy natural beauty and historic buildings here. Let me show you the detail facts about Leicester in the post below:

Leicester Facts 1: population

Do you know the population of Leicester? The city is a home to 330,000 people.  In United Kingdom, it is ranked as the tenth largest city. Leicester spans at the edge of National Forest and on River Soar.

Leicester Facts 2: Richard III

Richard III’s body was brought to Leicester after he was defeated in the Battle of Bosworth Field. This king spent a night before the battle at the Blue Boar Inn in August 1985. Check King Richard III Facts here.

Leicester City

Leicester City

Leicester Facts 3: Leicester car park

The surprising discovery was in Leicester car park. The skeleton of Richard III which had been missing for years was found under Leicester car park. King Richard died in the battle. He was buried quickly after the discovery.

Leicester Facts 4: the oldest city

Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England. The history about the city was written 2,000 years ago. If you want to know the ancient life of the people in Leicester, you can read Ledecestre. It is a Doomsday book.

Leicester Facts

Leicester Facts

Leicester Facts 5: the local radio station

The first mainline local radio station in Britain was BBC Radio Leicester.  In November 1967, the radio made the first broadcast.

Leicester Facts 6: Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook was the person who arranged the first package tour from Leicester to Loughborough in 1841. At that time, the people who followed the travel just had to pay one shilling. They got food and enjoyed the journey on a rail.

Leicester Tourism

Leicester Tourism

Leicester Facts 7: economy

The economy of the people in Leicester is good. In the east midland, Leicester is considered as the city with the largest economy.

Leicester Facts 8: festivals

There are various festivals that you can enjoy when you visit Leicester. You can see Leicester Comedy Festival, Pride Parade, Caribbean Carnival, and Divali celebrations.

Leicester Travel

Leicester Travel

Leicester Facts 9: the green city

One of the cities in England famous with its green environment is Leicester. In 1992, Leicester got a species praise because of the green environment at Earth Summit in Rio.

Leicester Facts 10: famous people

There are some famous people from Leicester. Some of them are Gary Lineker & Peter Shilton, Sir David & Lord Richard Attenborough, Mark ‘Return of the Mack’ Morrison, Joseph Merrick and many more.

Leicester UK

Leicester UK

You can also enjoy a great deal of space, astronomy and science in Leicester after the city was called as the home of the national Space center in 2001. Are you interested reading facts about Leicester?

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