10 Interesting Cholera Facts

Thursday, December 5th 2013. | Diseases

Cholera facts are common to notice. Cholera is one of dangerous diseases out there. To gain better information, learning about the facts is helpful for you. The reason is because people need to understand about the disease. Below are the important facts.

Cholera Facts 1: killer disease

Cholera becomes one of deathly diseases around the world. If it is left untreated, it can kill people within hours. It is very acute infection especially within the gut. The cause is the ingestion of food or water. The bacterium is called Vibrio Cholerae 01.

Cholera Facts 2: more deaths

The amount of death is increasing as the time goes by. The report says that there are about 100.000 to 120.000 deaths each year caused by the disease. The most infected is Africa. It is perhaps because of the level of sanity.

Cholera  in Haiti

Cholera in Haiti

Cholera Facts 3: oral rehydration salt

ORS or oral rehydration salt can be used in order to treat the disease. Approximately 80% of the cases can be treated by using such method.

Cholera Facts 4: no symptom

Most infected people have no symptoms. It is about 75% of them having no symptom when they develop such disease. It makes the disease very troublesome for those people.

Cholera facts

Cholera facts

Cholera Facts 5: risk area

There are always typical risk areas of Cholera. They are urban slums, area lacking of sanitation, and area lacking of safe drinking water.

Cholera Facts 6: surveillance

It is important for any surveillance to care the hotspot area. They can conduct prevention, anticipation, and also control. Sometimes they need to check about the quality of supplies as well.

Cholera patient

Cholera patient

Cholera Facts 7: hygiene education

People should understand about hygiene and health. The people living in Africa should get better education about it. Therefore, modern countries often help them by providing the education and improving their sanitation.

Cholera Facts 8:  treatment

Although it is dangerous, cholera can be treated by prompt action. People also need to do prevention. Some basic prevention is drinking clean water, avoiding dirty area, and getting proper sanitation.

cholera stool

cholera stool

Cholera Facts 9: oral Cholera vaccines

In medication, there are oral Cholera vaccines. In fact, they become part of the medication to treat Cholera.

Cholera Facts 10: quarantine?

Recently, the quarantine method to treat Cholera is unnecessary. People need only to conduct proper treatment whether by using traditional or modern methods.

Cholera in Africa

Cholera in Africa

Based on those facts about Cholera, at least people can conduct prevention and better improvement of such disease. The information is useful right?

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