10 Interesting Agriculture Facts

Tuesday, November 5th 2013. | Plants

Let’s talk about food by seeing the Agriculture facts. You will know the fascinating facts about fruit, veggies, popcorn, blueberries, egg yolk and many more. When we talk about agriculture we always associate it with farming and food. Here are some interesting facts about agriculture:

Agriculture Facts 1: popcorn

Popcorn is one of American’s favorite snack. People love to eat this food when they are gathering with family and watching TV. It is estimated that 17.3 billion quarts of popped popcorn has been consumed by the American people.

Agriculture Facts 2: nutritional value

Do you know the nutritional value of popcorn? Since it is mainly created from cereal grain, the function is to provide the body with much energy.

Agricultural View

Agricultural View

Agriculture Facts 3: tart cherries

Eating tart cherries each day can give you benefits. You can reduce the headache pain and inflammatory pain by eating 20 tart cherries. It is estimated that there are 4 million cheery trees which can generate 200 pounds of tart cherries in Michigan.

Agriculture Facts 4: Lettuce

Nobody think that lettuce is included in the family of sunflower. If you want to give the body more nutrition, choose the darker green lettuce than the lighter green one.



Agriculture Facts 5: eating lettuce

One of the most popular veggies in America is Lettuce. In a year, the American people eat at least 30 pounds of lettuce.

Agriculture Facts 6: carrots

Carrot is another nutritional veggie that you can eat every day. The vivid colored orange on the carrot is beta carotene which is functional to keep your eye healthy and reduce the risk of having cancer.

Agriculture in Vietnam

Agriculture in Vietnam

Agriculture Facts 7: vitamin A

When you eat carrot you can provide the body with vitamin A. Do you know the function of this vitamin? It is used to fight infection, maintain the eyes, and keep your hair and skin healthy.

Agriculture Facts 8: bluebbery

Do you know that blueberry is the second most popular beery in America? In North America, more than 200 million pounds of blueberry are produced. The state in US producing blueberry include New Jersey and Michigan.

Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Facts 9: eggs

There are 17,000 tiny pores of the eggs shell surface. The pores enable the eggs to absorb odors and flavors. If you want to keep the eggs fresh, you have to store them in cartons.

Agriculture Facts 10: banana

The people who want to perform a healthy diet can eat banana. This fruit is 99.5 percent free from fat.  You will never get bored when eating banana because   there are 500 different types of banana.

Agriculture India

Agriculture India

Banana contains a lot of potassium. It can promote balance body fluid; stabilize the digestive system and build muscles power. Do you want to give additional information on facts about agriculture?

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