10 Interesting Charles II Facts

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If you like to know about history of the ancient people in the past, read the story in Charles II facts. You are wrong if you think that Charles II died without any child. Actually he had some children. However, he and the queen had no child. It means that his child could not inherit the throne. Find out more facts about the king in the following post below:

Charles II Facts 1: ruler

The ruler after king Charles II died was James. He was his brother. The mother of James was Henrietta Maria of France.

Charles II Facts 2: King of England

King Charles II became the king of England, Ireland and Scotland on 23rd April 1661.

Charles II conversion

Charles II conversion

Charles II Facts 3: deathbed

He embraced a new faith when he was dying in his death bed. He converted his religion to Catholic. At first, his religion was protestant. He changed his faith when he was dying because he knew that people would not accept a catholic monarch.

Charles II Facts 4: a sportsman

The king was a famous sportsman. He liked to have a horse race in newmarket. He often visited the match.

Charles II Coronation

Charles II Coronation

Charles II Facts 5: Royal Observatory

Royal Observatory was built in 1675. Thanks’ to the concern of Charles II. He founded the observatory in Greenwich.  The designer of the building was Wren. It was dedicated to the study of science.

Charles II Facts 6: Catherine of Braganza

Catherine of Braganza was an unfortunate woman. This woman was the queen. She loved him so much even though he was not a faithful person.

Charles II facts

Charles II facts

Charles II Facts 7: Louise de Keroualle

Louise de Keroualle was one of the mistresses of Charles II. He always called as Fubbs. In modern English, it means cubby. It seems that Louise de Keroualle did not mind to be called by Charles with this Fubbs term.

Charles II Facts 8: Nell Gwynn

Nell Gwynn is another mistress that Charles II had. She was the mother of the Duke of St Albans. This woman was an orange seller. This woman then became an artist and attracted the King.

Charles II of England

Charles II of England

Charles II Facts 9: fugitive

After his restoration, Charles II had to escape from England in 1951. It took six weeks for him and those who helped him. He had to travel in disguise so that people would not know him. When he was in the journey, he often heard that his death was announced in Devon in cheers.

Charles II Facts 10: Henrietta Maria

Henrietta Maria was the mother of Charles II. She married to Charles I and delivered many children. He was the daughter of the king of France, Henri IV.

King Charles II

King Charles II

It seems that the king’s family had not a good time living in the monarch. His father Charles I was executed by his own people. His child, Charles II inherited the lost crown. If you like to know more on facts about Charles II, you can watch the movie Restoration.

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