10 Interesting Nero Facts

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If you like to enjoy the story of ancient people, you have to read Nero Facts. This man passed away in 68 CE.  His successor after the death was Galba. Since he did not have any heir, he had to give the throne to another member of the family. It marked the end of Julio-Claudian dynasty. Check the following post below if you want to know more about Nero:

Nero Facts 1: different emperors

After the death of Nero, there were some different emperors holding the throne.  People can see Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian. Even though Galba succeeded Nero after his death, many legions refused him as an emperor.

Nero Facts 2: death of Nero

The death of Nero occurred because of assisted suicide. Nero was about to be murdered by the guards of Nymphidus. However, Nero could escape from the city. He plunged a dagger on his neck with a help of Epaphroditus. He was only 30 years old when he passed away.

Nero Emperor

Nero Emperor

Nero Facts 3: the body of Nero

The body of Nero was buried inside the family of Acte. She claimed herself as the first love of Nero.

Nero Facts 4: the Great Fire of Rome

One of the most famous events during the ancient Rome was the Great Fire of Rome. It occurred in AD 64. During the event Nero was in the resort of Antium. After a few hours, he was informed about the fire in the city. There were 7000 fire fighters tried to kill out the fire.

Nero Facts

Nero Facts

Nero Facts 5: Acte

Acte was called as the first love of Nero. Actually she was born as a slave. Nero developed enthusiasm and passion to Acte when he was only 20 years old.

Nero Facts 6: Octavia

Octavia was the daughter of Claudius and Messalina. When she was 15 years old, she married to Nero. But both of them couldn’t respect the marital relationship because Octavia was very bound to the strong traditional marital values.

Nero Movie

Nero Movie

Nero Facts 7: death of Octavia

The people in Rome liked Octavia a lot. The mob rising for supporting Octavia in Rome was unavoidable after Nero decided to divorce her. To control the situation, Nero had her murdered in the prison after he accused her for adultery. Find out another story of ancient people in ancient Athens facts.

Nero Facts 8: Poppaea Sabina

Another woman in Nero’s life was Poppaea Sabina. Due to her pregnancy with Nero, she pushed him to leave Octavia. Unfortunately, the child that she gave birth was a girl.   Few months after the birth, the baby girl died.

Nero Roman

Nero Roman

Nero Facts 9: Seneca

Seneca was the famous tutor of Nero who always was besides him until the resignation of Nero in 62 CE. He was also called as the famous orator and Stoic.

Nero Facts 10: Christians

The first emperor in Rome who persecuted Christians openly in public was Neor. Peter and Paul who worked as scapegoats were killed in Rome.



Quinquennium is a term used to call the first five years of Nero when ruling the Roman Empire. Are you interested reading facts about Nero?

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