10 Interesting Little Mix Facts

Tuesday, June 17th 2014. | Entertainment

Let me show you the interesting Little Mix Facts if you want to know the winner of X factor in 2011. This group created history after the wonderful winning in X factor. The members of this group include Leigh-Anne Pinncock, Perrie Edward, Jane Thirwall and Jesy Neslon. Let’s find out more about Little Mix by reading the following facts below:

Little Mix Facts 1: name

In the past, the band was called Rhythmix. But it was altered to Little Mix to avoid any disagreement with a charity for children which had the similar name Rhythmix.

Little Mix Facts 2: winner

Little Mix created a history after the girl group won in X Factor. After the eight year of history, the only girl group which broke the winning record is Little Mix.  It can pass the 7th line in X-Factor.

Little Mix Colors

Little Mix Colors

Little Mix Facts 3: Jesy

Jesy is one of the beautiful members in Little Mix. We are shocked to know that Jesy has a phobia of sandwich.

Little Mix Facts 4: Wings

Wings is a brand new music video from Little Mix. It has been viewed by more than 1 million times in YouTube less than a week. If you want to know the video, check it on YouTube now.

Little Mix Facts

Little Mix Facts

Little Mix Facts 5: Perrie and Jade

Perrie and Jade are very close because both come from the same town. They are originated from the coastal town of South Shields. It is located in Tyne and Wear in England.

Little Mix Facts 6: Perrie

Do you know the favorite food of Perrie? She likes potato chips a lot. In England, people like to call potato chips, crisps.

Little Mix Fashion

Little Mix Fashion

Little Mix Facts 7: an M&M’s campaign

Little Mix was involved with an M&M’s campaign to promote the Union Jack for the Queen’s Jubilee. I believe that Little Mix was very much honored to be involved in such as a big event in England.

Little Mix Facts 8: Leigh-Anne

Leigh-Anne really loves Harvey? Don’t be jealous. Who is he actually? He is a pug that she really loves.

Little Mix Image

Little Mix Image

Little Mix Facts 9: Sam Craske

Sam Craske is a member of Diversity, dance group. He dates Jade. In 2009, Sam and Jade won Britain’s Got Talent.

Little Mix Facts 10: other  winners in X Factors

There are many famous winners in X Factor. Besides Little Mix, you can see Olly Murs, Leona Lewis, JLS, and One Direction. Check the member of One Direction in Harry Styles Facts.

Little Mix

Little Mix

Are you inspired with facts about Little Mix?

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