10 Interesting Marco Polo Facts

Monday, June 10th 2013. | History

Marco Polo facts make your eyes open about the brave journey for Marco Polo to explore the world. He is one of the greatest explorers and travelers in the world. His journey gave the European people more knowledge about China. Look at the facts about Marco Polo below for more information.

Marco Polo Facts 1: Early Life

Marco Polo was born on Venice Italy in 1254. Marco Polo’s father is a merchant in Venice. At that time this city was the center of trading companies.

Marco Polo Facts 2: Princess

The journey of Marco Polo had never been easy. When he was about to travel at home, his fleet was not successfully passed on the sea for he had to lose most of his travelers. At first, the ship was filled with 700 people. When he got home, he only got 117 people. The princess on board could make to Iran safely because of Marco Polo.

Marco Polo Facts

Marco Polo Facts

Marco Polo Facts 3: Gobi Desert

Gobi Dessert is very wide, but Marco Polo wanted to go to China by crossing the dessert. He stated that he was haunted by some spirits in the journey.

Marco Polo Facts 4: Marco Polo’s Travels

The Millions or II Milione was used to call the travels of Marco Polo.

Marco Polo Journey

Marco Polo Journey

Marco Polo Facts 5: First Travel to China

Marco Polo had a journey to China when he was only 17 years old. He lived in the country for many years and had meet Kublai Khan. He was able to speak the language and learn much about the food, cultures, and people.

Marco Polo Facts 6: Marco Polo Adventures

Even though the main purpose of the journey was to reach China, Marco Polo had visited many beautiful cities along the journey. He came to Persia, Jerusalem, and Hindu Kush.

Marco Polo Ship

Marco Polo Ship

Marco Polo Facts 7: Amazing Cultures

When Marco Polo comes to China he was fascinated with the cultures, food and buildings in the country. He was amazed with Kublai Khan Court. It was so luxury and magnificent. The animals in the country like rhinos and orang utan were unique for they could not be found in Venice.

Marco Polo Facts 8: The Travels of Marco Polo

The Travels of Marco Polo is a book written by Rustichello. Rustichello wrote the journey of Marco Polo when he was under arrest. When Marco Polo was back at home, there was a war between cities of Venice and Genoa.

Marco Polo Travels

Marco Polo Travels

Marco Polo Facts 9: Popularity of the Travels of Marco Polo

The popularity of The Travels of Marco Polo was increased as soon as the Kublai Khan dynasty collapsed. The Ming dynasty was concerned about the foreigners in China. Thus, people in Venice and Europe only got little information about this country. It made them like to read Marco Polo’s book about China.

Marco Polo Facts 10: Journey with His Father and Uncle

His father and uncle were very curious about China. That’s why they went to China along Marco Polo. They left the house in Venice in 1271 and returned home in 1295.

Old Marco Polo

Old Marco Polo

Marco Polo was an inspiration for the people who like to explore the world. He did not sacred about what might happen along the journey.  You can get more insights after reading facts about Marco Polo.

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