10 Interesting Shopping Facts

Wednesday, July 15th 2015. | Business

Shopping Facts tell you about the favorite activity conducted by women and men. Women love to shop.  If you want to trade, you can go to the shop or retail. The customers will buy the different kinds of products on the stores. The shopping activity is not only an economic activity. It is also used as a leisure activity. People love to shop for they want to enjoy quality time. Let’s find out more interesting shopping facts below:

Shopping Facts 1: the types of shopping

There are two types of shopping conducted by the people. They can do the offline shopping by checking the product right away on the stores, supermarkets, boutiques or even markets.

Shopping Facts 2: the online shopping

Another type of shopping is the online shopping. The busy people do not have much time to shop around from one store to another store.  The payment can be conducted by transferring the money via bank. Then the product will be sent right away to the house. The people can reduce the cost for traveling and save the time when they do online shopping.

Shopping Image

Shopping Image

Shopping Facts 3: the mood of the shoppers

There are many factors which affect the mood of the shoppers. They can enjoy the terrible or even delightful experience depending on the convenience, treatment, and products.

Shopping Facts 4: Accidental Interpersonal Touch effect

Accidental Interpersonal Touch effect is the term used to call negativity of experienced by the male and female shopping. They left the stores earlier because of the accidental touch by other shoppers from behind.

Shopping Facts

Shopping Facts

Shopping Facts 5: the women and shopping

Shopping is always connected with women. It is estimated that 80 percent of the consumer goods are bought by women. It was based on the report created in 2000.

Shopping Facts 6: the shopping centers

The people like to go shopping by visiting the shopping centers or shopping hubs.  The customers can find out different kinds of shops here.

Shopping Pic

Shopping Pic

Shopping Facts 7: the window shopping

The window shopping is a popular term among the women. What they will do is just walking around the shopping centers and check out the products displayed on the windows of the stores. Check facts about Advertising here.

Shopping Facts 8: the types of shopping center

You can come to the bazaar, town squares, flea market and shopping malls to shop.



Shopping Facts 9: the secondhand goods

The people who want to shop with a small amount of money can choose the secondhand goods.

Shopping Facts 10: home shopping

The home shopping is very popular today.  The customers can check the offered products from the internet or TV. Get facts about marketing.

Women and Shopping

Women and Shopping

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