10 Interesting Mother’s Day Facts

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Mother’s Day Facts enable you to find out the history and event celebrated by most people in the world.  One of the precious things that people have is a family. We love our mother much. Therefore, it should be a celebration to honor and thankful to her. Let’s find out facts about this famous holiday below:

Mother’s Day Facts 1: the ancient celebration

Mother’s day celebration actually has occurred in the past. It can be traced back the ancient Greek celebration of motherhood where people create a festival for the mother of Gods, Rhea. In England, people had celebrated the mother Sunday since the beginning of 16th century.

Mother’s Day Facts 2: What is Mother’s Day?

Can you define the mother’s day?  It is the special day used to honor motherhood and mother.  The celebration occurs all over the world even though it is not celebrated in the similar date.

Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day Facts 3: when is the celebration of Mother’s day?

The time to celebrate mother’s day is varied.   The people in Ireland and England can celebrate it on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The countries such as Canada, Australia and America celebrate it on the second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day Facts 4: what do you do in mother’s day?

The way people celebrate the mother’s day is special. Most of them will show their love and honor of the mother.  You can remember the past time together with mother or even give her a present.

Mother's Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Facts 5: the first celebration of mother’s day in America

On 12 May 1907, the first celebration of mother’s day in America was conducted. Anne Jarvis from West Virginia decided to make a ceremony two years after the death of his mother. She spread the issue of mother’s day celebration through a campaign.

Mother’s Day Facts 6: “Mother’s Day” holiday

The annual mother’s day holiday in United States was founded and actively campaigned by Anna Jarvis.  Because of her campaign, Woodrow Wilson granted the first official mother’s Day in United States on 9 May 1914. Get facts about Woodrow Wilson here.

Mother's Day Facts

Mother’s Day Facts

Mother’s Day Facts 7: the commercial mother day

There is one interesting fact about Anna Jarvis. This woman tried hard to make the mother’s day official, but then she was disappointed because this celebration became commercial.

Mother’s Day Facts 8: the most popular gift

The most popular gift in the mother’s day in 1920s was the flower white carnation. The white color of the flower symbolizes the pure love of a mother.

Mother's Day Wording

Mother’s Day Wording

Mother’s Day Facts 9: the celebration of mother’s day in the medieval England

The young servants who worked in town would return to home in Lent day.  It was the perfect time for them to reunite with family. They gave the mother a traditional cake.

Mother’s Day Facts 10: florist

The florists are very busy when the mother’s day comes. They can increase sales up to 40 percent. Other times where the flower sales increase are around Christmas and Valentine day.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

If you want to have lower cost for buying the mother gift, you can give her house plants or potted garden plants. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mother’s day?

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