10 Interesting David Almond Facts

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David Almond facts give you the interesting information about one of the famous writers in the world. This man had written various kinds of novels. He is well known for his creation to make children book. Find out the fascinating ideas about his life and books in the post below:

David Almond Facts 1: date of birth

David Almond was born in Felling, England on May 15th, 1951. His mother works as a shorthand typist while his father works as an office manager in an engineering factory

David Almond Facts 2: Skellig

Skellig is Almond’s first novel. It was set in Newcastle. The novel was published in 1998. Due to the popularity and plot of this novel, Almond can collect the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children’s Novel of the Year Award.



David Almond Facts 3: other novels

There are many other novels that Almond produced. Some of them include Clay (2005), The Fire Eaters (2003), Secret Heart (2001), Heaven Eyes (2000), and Kit’s Wilderness (1999). He also created a prequel of Skellig entitled Raven Summer and My Name is Mina.

David Almond Facts 4: children literature

Not all of the writers in the world can take home the biennial international Hans Christian Andersen Award. This award is very prestigious for a children writer. Almond is considered one of three writers from UK to take this award home due to his work on children literature.

David Almond facts

David Almond facts

David Almond Facts 5: education

He got his early education at St. Joseph’s R.C. Grammar Technical School in Hebburn. When he was at the university, he studied English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia.

David Almond Facts 6: the second novel

In 1987, his second novel entitled A Kind of Heaven was published widely. Another publication was Counting Stars.  The stories in the book are collected from his own childhood experiences. In 2011, Hodder published his book.

David Almond Now

David Almond Now

David Almond Facts 7: achievement with Skellig

Skellig is definitely popular. It was published in more than 30 languages all over the world. Almond also makes radio play script based on the novel.  It is also adapted in a movie. The one who plays Skellig is Tim Roth with the director Annabel Jankel.

David Almond Facts 8: collaboration

Almond also makes collaboration with some famous illustrators and leading artists. In My Dad’s a Birdman and The Boy Who Climbed Into the Moon, he collaborates with Polly Dunbar.

David Almond writer

David Almond writer

David Almond Facts 9: The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean

In 2011, he published The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean.  You can find two editions of this novel. The first one is published by penguin Viking for the adult. The puffin publishes the Young adult version.

David Almond Facts 10: The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas

The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is his 2012 publication. The illustration in the novel is created by Oliver Jenners.

David Almond

David Almond

In 2013, you can see his novel with the title Mouse Bird Snake Wolf. It is illustrated by Dave McKean. Do you have opinion on facts about David Almond?

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