10 Interesting Hoover Dam Facts

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Let’s me give you some interesting Hoover Dam facts. This building is very important is Colorado. It is not only for safety protection for the people. The government can generate more electricity power too by using the hydropower. If you come to visit Colorado, it will be great to take picture on Hoover Dam. Here are the complete facts about Hoover Dam:

Hoover Dam Facts 1: Height

Let’s begin the fact by talking about the measurement of Hoover Dam. It has the height of 726.4 feet. If you count is across the top, it can reach 1,244 feet. The base of Hoover Dam is measured at 600 thick with the top at 45 feet thick.

Hoover Dam Facts 2: Total Storage Capacity

The total storage capacity of Hoover Dam is around 30,500,000 acre feet. It nearly can store the flow of Colorado River for around 2 years. Look at Colorado facts here.

Hoover Dam Fact

Hoover Dam Fact

Hoover Dam Facts 3: Construction

Hoover Dam was constructed on 30 September 1930. In 1935, the contractors poured the last concrete on the dam. If you want to know another interesting building in US, look at the facts about Statue Liberty.

Hoover Dam Facts 4: The Cooling Tube

The cooling tuber was used in the construction process. Thus, the construction process for this dam can develop faster. If the contractors did not use the tube, it will take more than a century to complete the construction of Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam Facts 5: The Highest Dam

In the past it was the highest dam in the world. Now it is considered as the 18th highest dam in the world.

Hoover Dam Facts 6: Water

The water stored in the Hoover Dam is around 9.2 trillion gallons. It is gained from the Colorado River and Lake Mead.

Hoover Dam Pic

Hoover Dam Pic

Hoover Dam Facts 7: Electricity

There are 17 generators located in Hoover Dam. It can generate the electricity 2,000 megawatts.

Hoover Dam Facts 8: Cost

The construction of Hoover Dam costs $49,000,000. To finish the construction for the Blunder Canyon project, the government had to spend $165,000,000. The project includes Hoover Dam, Imperial dame and American canal.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Facts 9: Concrete

The concrete used in the construction of Hoover Dam contains 4,360,000 cubic yards.  The steel and metalwork used in the dam 96,000,000 LB’s.

Hoover Dam Facts 10: Workers in the Project

There were 16,000 women and men worked in the projects. In a specific time, the construction used extra 3,500 people.

Hoover Dams

Hoover Dams

Lake Mead is the reservoir in Hoover Dam. It has the length around 115 miles with the surface area of 146,000 acres. The top elevation of Lake Mead is measured at 1229 Ft. The depth is counted at 590 FT. Do you want add more facts about Hoover Dam here?

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