10 Interesting Windsor Castle Facts

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Windsor Castle Facts elaborate the ideas about the royal residence in Berkshire. The history of Windsor Castle is always connected with the English and British royal family. It is well appreciated due to the impressive architecture and style. William the Conqueror builds the original castle at Windsor in 11th century after he invaded England.  In Europe, Windsor Castle is considered as the longest-occupied castle for the reigning monarch resides in the castle. Let me show you other impressive facts about Windsor Castle below:

Windsor Castle Facts 1: the lavish castle

Windsor Castle is famous in the world as a lavish and luxurious castle. The English perpendicular gothic design is spotted in the 15th-century St George Castle.

Windsor Castle Facts 2: the rooms

The rooms in Windsor Castle are defined in Gregorian style with superb interior design.

Facts about Windsor Castle

Facts about Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Facts 3: the origin of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was established in the form of a motte-and-bailey during the Norman occupation. The central mound is surrounded by three wards.

Windsor Castle Facts 4: stone

The motte-and-bailey then was altered into stone. This strong castle was capable to endure the effect of First Barons’ War. Get facts about White House here.

Windsor Castle Facts

Windsor Castle Facts

Windsor Castle Facts 5: Henry III

In the middle of the century, castle was made into a lavish royal palace by Henry III. The palace was rebuilt again during the reign of Edward III, which consumed a lot of expense.

Windsor Castle Facts 6: Charles II

Hugh May was the architect commissioned by Charles II to rebuild much of the castle with amazing baroque interior design. Until this present, the style is still favored by the people.

Windsor Castle Plan

Windsor Castle Plan

Windsor Castle Facts 7: Queen Victoria

During the reign of Queen Victoria, Windsor Castle only received minor changes. Look at facts about Whitby Abbey here.

Windsor Castle Facts 8: the present-day role

Windsor Castle is visited by many tourists in United Kingdom and other parts of the world. The state visits usually are conducted in the castle too.

Windsor Castle Pic

Windsor Castle Pic

Windsor Castle Facts 9: the employee

Windsor Castle is considered as the largest occupied castle in the world for 500 people work here.

Windsor Castle Facts 10: the owner

Queen Elizabeth II is the owner of Windsor Castle for she is the crowned one.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

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