10 Interesting Yorkshire Facts

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Yorkshire Facts present the information about a County of York. In United Kingdom, it is the largest county. Subdivisions are implemented on Yorkshire’s administration due to its great size. The period of reform takes place related to its subdivisions. The title Yorkshire has been used in various civil administrations, which include East Riding Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. Let us find out other interesting facts about Yorkshire below:

Yorkshire Facts 1: the nickname

Yorkshire earns the nickname “God’s Own Country” or “God’s Own County”. If you are interested to visit one of the greenest places in United Kingdom, you can come to Yorkshire. The countryside area is unspoiled.

Yorkshire Facts 2: the emblem

The White Rose of House of York is considered as the emblem of Yorkshire. The flag of the county has blue backdrop with White Rose. The Flag Institute recognized it after being used for more than 50 years.

Yorkshire Facts

Yorkshire Facts

Yorkshire Facts 3: Yorkshire Day

The people will celebrate the Yorkshire Day on August 1st. The culture of Yorkshire like the dialect and history will be emphasized during the celebration. Look at facts about Yukon Territory here.

Yorkshire Facts 4: the economy

The economy of Yorkshire is mixed. The largest city in the county is Leeds. The commerce and trade are centered in this city.

Yorkshire Image

Yorkshire Image

Yorkshire Facts 5: the traditional industries

The traditional industries found in Leeds include textile, coal mining and services. In the past, the industry and coal mining dominated Sheffield. Today, it focuses more on retail trade and engineering.

Yorkshire Facts 6: wool milling

Wool milling once was found in Huddersfield, Keighley, Halifax and Bradford.

Yorkshire Pictures

Yorkshire Pictures

Yorkshire Facts 7: tourism

Tourism flourishes in North Yorkshire. It is a home to two national parks. There are North York Moors National Park and Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Yorkshire Facts 8: the largest port

The largest port in Yorkshire is located in Kingston upon Hull. In the recent years, it saw the decline of the fishing industries.



Yorkshire Facts 9: the culture of people

A number of different civilizations, which flourished in Yorkshire over the course of history, have affected the culture of the modern people in Yorkshire. The Normans, Norse Viking, Romans and Celts brought major impact in shaping the culture of Yorkshire. Find facts about Yellowstone Volcano here.

Yorkshire Facts 10: castles

People like to visit Yorkshire due to its amazing castles. Most of them were established during the Norman-Breton era. The famous castles include York Castle, Skipton Castle, Richmond Castle, and Pickering Castle.

Yorkshire King

Yorkshire King

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