10 Interesting Writing Facts

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The signs and symbols are found on writing facts. The emotion and language is represented by writing.  The spoken language complements with the writing system in most languages in the world. Human society develops writing as a tool to represent the language. Semantics, grammar and vocabulary are also noted in the writing system. The text is considered as the result or writing. The reader is the person who reads the text. Let us find out other interesting facts about writing below:

Writing Facts 1: purposes of writing

Can you mention the purposes of writing? People are motivated to write because they want to create diary, correspondence, storytelling and publication.

Writing Facts 2: the importance of writing

Writing is important in the life of human being. It has been used to write the legal system, maintain culture, and keep the historical records and many more.

Writing Facts

Writing Facts

Writing Facts 3: the writing development

Writing has been developed from time to time for various reasons. People were driven to develop the system to keep the financial record, exchanged information, recorded history and codified laws.

Writing Facts 4: writing in Mesopotamia

Writing was an important system in Mesopotamia in the fourth millennium BCE because the trade was complex so that the people needed a permanent form to record the transaction and method for recording the trade.  Get facts about University of Florida here.

Writing Image

Writing Image

Writing Facts 5: the categories

There are five categories of major writing systems in the world. They are ideographic, feature, alphabetic, syllabic and logographic. The former one is defined as symbols for ideas.

Writing Facts 6: logogram

The morpheme or word is mostly represented in a written character called logogram. It can be found in Maya, cuneiform and Chinese characters.



Writing Facts 7: Alphabets

A set of symbols is found in an alphabet. Each alphabet is used to represent a phoneme. Check facts about University of Houston here.

Writing Facts 8: the prehistoric and historic writing

The historic and prehistoric writing is different. The prehistoric one is spotted on the cave painting. However, it does not reflect the use of a language. On the other hand, the modern writing presents the language.

Writing Pictures

Writing Pictures

Writing Facts 9: meaning

Over time, the meaning of signs changes reflected on the script development.

Writing Facts 10: the writing materials and tools

Over the course history, people have used different kinds of writing materials and tools such as styluses, wax tablets, stone tablets, bamboo slats, pencils, ink brushes, quills, parchment, and vellum.

Facts about Writing

Facts about Writing

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