10 Interesting Gabby Douglas Facts

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If you love about gymnastic, you can get the inspiration by reading Gabby Douglas facts. This fascinating woman has collected many gold medals from the 2012 summer Olympics.  She was very impressive with her body. She was a star in her young age since she can make it through the floor dance competition. Find out about Gabby Gabon in the following post below:

Gabby Douglas Facts 1: gymnastic

Gabby learned gymnastic when she was very young. At that time, she was only 6 years old. Her mother let Gabby her do gymnastic after she was convinced by her sister named Arielle.

Gabby Douglas Facts 2: nickname

Do you know the nickname of Gabby? She was called the flying squirrel because for her wonderful aerial exploit on the uneven bars.

 Gabby Douglas Facts

Gabby Douglas Facts

Gabby Douglas Facts 3: Sports Illustrated

Gabby was very popular after she became the star on the USA women’s Olympic Gymnastic. She graced the cover for Sports illustrated magazine. This moment was very gracious since it was the rare moment for a gymnastic to feature on the cover of the sport magazine.

Gabby Douglas Facts 4: Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes is Gabby’s fellow. She stated that Gabby Douglas was a good role model for those who wanted to study about gymnastics.

Gabby Douglas Gold

Gabby Douglas Gold

Gabby Douglas Facts 5: hobbies

If you are a fan of Gabby Douglas, you have to know about her hobbies. She likes knitting and reading books. She loves to read twilight since it is her favorite book.

Gabby Douglas Facts 6: family members

There are three members in the family involved in sport. Joelle was a figure skating. Jonathan was involved with martial arts, track and football. Her sister Arielle was a ballroom dancing.

Gabby Douglas Lovely

Gabby Douglas Lovely

Gabby Douglas Facts 7: Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries is her favorite shows. She loves to spend her time watching this series.

Gabby Douglas Facts 8: Italian food

If you love to invite Gabby Douglas at your home, you can serve her the Italian food.

Gabby Douglas Pic

Gabby Douglas Pic

Gabby Douglas Facts 9: Mexican food

Besides having a good taste with Italian food, Gabby Douglas likes the Mexican food.

Gabby Douglas Facts 10: favorite subject

Gabby is still a teenager. When she goes to school, she loves English class.

Gabby Douglas Style

Gabby Douglas Style

If you like to know more about Gabby, you have to see many kinds of gymnastic videos. Are you inspired with facts about Gabby Douglass?

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