10 Interesting Johann Pachelbel Facts

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The important person who has increased the popularity o the south German organ traditional is explored in Johann Pachelbel facts. Pachelbel is considered as a teacher, organist and composer of baroque music.  His contribution to the German music is appreciated by all people. Let’s find out more about him by reading all facts below:

Johann Pachelbel Facts 1: baroque era

When we talk about Pachelbel, we need to associate him with the notable composer in baroque era. There are many compositions of Pachelbel created in secular and sacred music style. He also contributed a lot in chorale prelude and fugue development. Meet the modern composer in John Williams facts.

Johann Pachelbel Facts 2: a role model

His fame and popularity made him earned the title as a good role model for the composers in central and south Germany.  Due to his ability and popularly, he had many students at that time.

Johann Pachelbel facts

Johann Pachelbel facts

Johann Pachelbel Facts 3: works

There are many works of Pachelbel that people like to listen and learn. Some of them include the Hexachordum Apollinis, the Chaconne in F minor, Canon in D and the Toccata in E minor for organ.

Johann Pachelbel Facts 4: influence

The way he played and created music was influenced by other composers such as Girolamo Frescobaldi and Alessandro Poglietti, Johann Jakob Froberger, Johann Kaspar Kerll and many more.

Johann Pachelbel Music

Johann Pachelbel Music

Johann Pachelbel Facts 5: date of birth

The exact date of birth of Pachelbel is unknown. But he was born in 1653 in Nuremberg.   He was baptized on 1 September 1653.

Johann Pachelbel Facts 6: parents

Pachelbel was the son of Johann Hans Pachelbel. He worked as a wine dealer. His mother was the second wife of Pachelbel named Anne Maria Mair.

Johann Pachelbel Erfurt church

Johann Pachelbel Erfurt church

Johann Pachelbel Facts 7: early education

Let’s talk about his early education as a musician. He studied under a musician Heinrich Schwemmer. Later, Heinrich Schwemmer was appointed as the cantor of St. Sebaldus Church. He had a good musical talent since his childhood.

Johann Pachelbel Facts 8: primary education

He got the main education when he was enrolled at St. Lorenz Hauptschule and the Auditorio Aegediano in Nuremberg. Then he was enrolled at the University of Altdorf on June 29, 1669.

Johann Pachelbel Tomb

Johann Pachelbel Tomb

Johann Pachelbel Facts 9: Gymnasium Poeticum at Regensburg

Pachelbel had to move from the University of Altdoft to Gymnasium Poeticum at Regensburg due to his financial crisis. He could not pay the school fee. So he appointed as a scholarship student in Gymnasium Poeticum. He was received there because of his musical ability and talent.

Johann Pachelbel Facts 10: Kaspar (Caspar) Prentz

Kaspar (Caspar) Prentz was his teacher during his study.  He was one of students of Johann Kaspar Kerll.

Johann Pachelbel

Johann Pachelbel

Talking about his personal life, he married twice. His first wife was Barbara Gabler. His second wife was Judith Drommer. Tell me your opinion on facts about Johann Pachelbel!

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