10 Interesting George Meade Facts

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George Meade facts for some people are interesting to learn about. This general has inspired many people’s life. Reading the facts can simply provide you with good information related to him.  So, I want to provide such type of information here.

George Meade Facts 1: born

He was born into a family of Pennsylvanian of Irish descent. He was born in European country which is Spain. It was in Cadiz on 1815. His parents were Margaret Coats Butler Meade and Richard Worsam Meade. His father was a merchant having business in Spain.

George Meade Facts 2:  West Point

He had decided to enter the West Point. The main reason was the failure of business of his father. They returned to U.S in such financial difficulty. He didn’t really like to enter military career although it showed good result.

George Meade Camp

George Meade Camp

George Meade Facts 3:  Margaretta

After he involved in Seminole War, he pursued a civilian career. Yet, it showed little achievement. This condition made him re-entering the army. Before he re-entered the army, he got married to Margaretta. They had 7 children from the marriage.

George Meade Facts 4: Zachary Taylor

In the army, he fought within Mexican-American War. He had a great commando from Zachary Taylor. This person was really great in leading America to victory against Mexican.

George Meade facts

George Meade facts

George Meade Facts 5: battle of Glendale

Civil War had made Meade to be promoted quickly to Brigadier from Captain. He actually got wounded from 7 Days battles. It is Glendale battle. The battle had the purpose to repel attacks from rebels.

George Meade Facts 6: John Pope

He also gained inspiration from John Pope. He was the leader of Army of Virginia. Although John Pope suffered from defeat, Meade soon covered the divisional command.

George Meade Image

George Meade Image

George Meade Facts 7: the general

He became American Civil War general. He was very famous in gaining victory from Battle of Gettysburg and he also was the last commander of the Potomac army.

George Meade Facts 8:  the old snapping turtle

He often suffered from nervousness. Although he was famous of his routine competence, he really lacked of brilliance and boldness. He had hot temper. This made him gaining nickname such as “the old snapping turtle”.

George Meade Pic

George Meade Pic

George Meade Facts 9: pneumonia

After certain war, he commanded departments of military in the South and East. He suffered from pneumonia later.

George Meade Facts 10: the death

George Meade died in Philadelphia on 6 November, 1872. The reason was because of his illness such as pneumonia.

George Meade

George Meade

So, what are facts about George Meade above? Do you think good enough to support your basic knowledge in learning about his trivia?

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