10 Interesting Electric Guitar Facts

Saturday, January 11th 2014. | Entertainment

One of the most famous musical instruments is explained in electric guitar facts. Can you play an electric guitar? This musician instrument is totally different with the traditional acoustic guitar. You need to know about the history and invention of electric guitar in the post below:

Electric Guitar Facts 1: Franz Schubert

Since Franz Schubert did not have any money to buy a piano, he composed his music by using a guitar hung from the hook of his bed.

Electric Guitar Facts 2: Epiphone

Epiphone actually was the banjo company. This company produced the Greek violin. But the company changed the product from banjos to guitars in 1930s. This company now is very successful.

Playing Guitar

Playing Guitar

Electric Guitar Facts 3: Leo Fender

People recognized Leo Fender as the head of the guitar corporation. You are wrong, if you think that he is a guitarist. He is actually a saxophonist. The first Fender guitar was created from oak in 1943. Leo gave it to a country music legend, named Roy Acuff.

Electric Guitar Facts 4: Les Paul

For some people, playing a guitar is very important. The person who considered it very important was Les Paul. In 1948, this man was involved in a car accident. He asked the doctor to set his arm in position so that he could play guitar.

Electric Guitar in Red Color

Electric Guitar in Red Color

Electric Guitar Facts 5: Gibson

Another favorite guitar that people love to have is the Gibson. The solid body of Gibson was with series number form 1952. Before that year, it did not have any serial number on its body.

Electric Guitar Facts 6: custom colored Gibson

Before 1963, people can order the custom colored Gibson. They were served with the guitar color of white, black, sunburst, cherry red, natural and Les Paul Gold. In 1963, people got more option since it produced the Firebird Series.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Facts 7: a Tenor guitar

You cannot say that a martin guitar which only has four strings is a ukulele. It was called as a tenor guitar.

Electric Guitar Facts 8: The smallest guitar

The record of the smallest guitar in the world has the width of string in 100 atoms or 50 nanometer. The length is around 10 micrometer.

man playing on electric guitar in the dark closeup

man playing on electric guitar in the dark closeup

Electric Guitar Facts 9: alder

Alder is not used by Fender to create a guitar. In the past, they used ash. The production of alder is big enough in Oregon.

Electric Guitar Facts 10: production

Fender is considered as the biggest company which produces the electric guitar. In the years of 2000, it has generated a quarter million guitars.



Fender is not only produced guitars but also other kinds of musical instruments such as violins, mandolin and banjos. Do you have any opinion on facts about Fender?

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