10 Interesting the Han Dynasty Facts

Friday, March 14th 2014. | History

Those who love to know the ancient Chinese story need to take a look at the Han dynasty facts. One of the greatest dynasties in China is seen in Han Dynasty. People always study this dynasty if they want to know the Chinese people’s victory in the past.  During that time, the Han dynasty can bring China into its golden age. Find out about Han dynasty facts in the following post below:

The Han Dynasty Facts 1: era of Han dynasty

Let me show you the era of Han dynasty. This dynasty can last for 400 years. It was considered as the powerful dynasty in China from 206 BC to 220 AD. There were three kingdom periods followed the dynastic. Actually Han dynasty is not the first dynasty in China.  It is the second one after the Qin dynasty.

The Han Dynasty Facts 2: Liu Bang

The Han dynasty occurred when there was a fight between the Qin emperor and a peasant. The leader of the peasant was Liu Bang. The Qin emperor was killed. However, Liu Bang had to fight against his rival, Xiang Yu to get the emperor’s title. Since Liu Bang won the war, he became the new leader.

Han Dynasty Dragon

Han Dynasty Dragon

The Han Dynasty Facts 3: Liu bang and Han dynasty

The dynasty is called Han since Liu bang decided to change his name to Han Gaozu. Therefore, it was called Han dynasty.

The Han Dynasty Facts 4: civil service

It is not easy for Han Goazu to run the big empire. So he created a civil service. He made sure that all people who helped to run the government were the educated ones.

Han Dynasty Emperor

Han Dynasty Emperor

The Han Dynasty Facts 5: invention and science

The Han dynasty is called as the golden age of China. It is the time when the people can find out more about science and invention.  Paper is one of the notable inventions in Han Dynasty where people can record and write many things here.

The Han Dynasty Facts 6: other notable inventions

There are many other notable inventions that people can enjoy during the Han dynasty. Those are crop rotation, iron casting and acupuncture.

Han Dynasty Facts

Han Dynasty Facts

The Han Dynasty Facts 7: advancement

The Han dynasty also created advancement in various fields such as engineering, agriculture, mathematics, medicine, astronomy and building.

The Han Dynasty Facts 8: products

There are many popular products used by Han dynasty to raise their economy. Those are silk, copper work, salt and iron.

Han Dynasty Items

Han Dynasty Items

The Han Dynasty Facts 9: Merchants

Even though people can be rich by becoming a merchant, the government asked them to pay high taxes. Moreover, they were not respected. The government asked them to wear white clothes.

The Han Dynasty Facts 10: Silk Road

The Han dynasty established the Silk Road. This path gives the Chinese people more opportunity to increase their wealth since they traded with the people from Europe.

Ceramic from Han Dynasty

Ceramic from Han Dynasty

During the Han dynasty, people liked living in the city. The wealthy people lived in a big house. They were well educated. On the other hand, poor people lived in a crowded place. What do you think on facts about Han dynasty?

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