10 Interesting The Bombing Hiroshima Facts

Friday, March 28th 2014. | History

The Bombing Hiroshima facts are the information related to such great event of bombing. This may become your great additional knowledge about history. So, don’t underestimate the importance to facts which I want to provide below actually. Read more below if you concern.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 1: date of bombing

It was within the morning on 6 August 1945 when Enola Gay, the American B-29 bomber, dropped the 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It was one of biggest cities of Japan. This fact is basic for any of you to deal about.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 2: victims

You need to know that the bomb was dropped by using the parachute. There were approximately about 60,000 up to 80,000 people were killed in an instant. The intense heat of the explosion had made some people vanished instantly within the explosion.

Bombing Hiroshima facts

Bombing Hiroshima facts

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 3: area of explosion

The blast of the bombing destroyed more than 10 square kilometers within the city. It also creates many fires. It consumed Hiroshima and lasts for 3 days. It became the devastated city.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 4: Hiroshima

The main reason why Hiroshima was chosen in the bombing was because it was considered to be the best place to put test on the effect of the atomic bomb. There was also important military base there.

Bombing Hiroshima Image

Bombing Hiroshima Image

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 5: second bombing

It was on 9 August when American dropped the 2nd bomb. In fact, it was bigger atomic bomb. The initial target was Kokura. Yet, because of the cloud obstruction, they dropped on nearby city which was Nagasaki.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 6: Nagasaki

The city Nagasaki was the option for the fail attempt of bombing in Kokura. The pilot who had the role in dropping the bomb was Leonard Cheshire. He was British pilot actually.

Bombing Hiroshima Pic

Bombing Hiroshima Pic

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 7: surrender

Japan surrendered on 14 August. They agreed to the terms of surrender for the Allies. It was within midday when Hirohito Emperor broadcasting the news of surrender.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 8:  rebuilding

After the war, the city of Hiroshima was rebuilt as the city of peace memorial. The place to become the Hiroshima Peace Memorial was the closest surviving building.

Bombing Hiroshima Victims

Bombing Hiroshima Victims

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 9: Aioi Bridge

The only missed target on the Hiroshima bombing was the Aioi Bridge. It was approximately 800 feet.

The Bombing Hiroshima Facts 10: military installation

The main target of the Hiroshima bombing was in fact the entire city instead of the military installation alone. It was exploded and killing many people including women and children.

Bombing Hiroshima

Bombing Hiroshima

The facts about The Bombing Hiroshima above I hope can be so much beneficial for any of you. You can even get more information and trivia by reading history textbook by your own. The preferences are yours actually.

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