10 Interesting Christmas Facts

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Christmas facts give you the right information of this big celebration. People away come in joyous moment when 25 December comes each year. You can gather with family and friend to change gifts, having dinner together or chat until the late morning. This is one the biggest day within a year for you can make a close relationship with the members of your family. If you embrace Christmas, you need to know some Christmas facts below:

Christmas Facts 1: The Biggest Christmas Present

The biggest Christmas present ever recorded was given by France to Unites States of American in 1886. It was the Liberty Statue.

Christmas Facts 2: Santa Claus

When talking about Christmas, you need to talk about Santa Claus. Many people think that Santa is a fictional character. But actually he was a real saint. This man lived around 300s nine Myra/ Turkey. This real name was Satin Nicholas, but he had a German name called as Sankt Nicklaus.

Christmas Facts

Christmas Facts 3: Christmas tree

There celebration of Christmas will be useless if you do not have any beautiful Christmas trees. The size of the tree is not really important. The first Christmas tree actually was not a tree at all. It was created from goose feather. Get the oak tree facts if you want to know one of the biggest trees in the world.

Christmas Facts 4: Christmas in Other Countries

Many people embrace Christianity. They call this day with various names. The people living in Sweden call it as God Jul. In wales, it is named as Nadolig Llawen. In China, they call it Sheng Tan Kuai Loh. Another important event celebrated each year is earth day. See the popularity on earth day facts.

Christmas Present

Christmas Present

Christmas Facts 5: Christmas tree in the world

Christmas tree always comes in decorative style. You can jazz it with Christmas balls in colorful shades. The first decorated Christmas tree was made in Riga Latvia. There are many Christmas tree farms which can generate up to 36 million trees every year.

Christmas Facts 6: Candy Cane

One of the important symbols in Christmas is the candy cane. It was used to represent the Jesus hook. The stripe colors symbolize the sacrifice and purity of Jesus. In Europe, candy cane was used in 1670, while in US it was introduced in 1800s.

christmas stocking

christmas stocking

Christmas Facts 7: Christmas Stocking

Another popular item that people use to celebrate Christmas is the Christmas stocking. There were three unmarried girls who needed to dry their stockings so they hang them on the chimney. All of them could not get married because they did not have any dowry for the marriage. Hearing this, St. Nicholas filled each stocking with gold.

Christmas Facts 8: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Festive celebration cannot be separated from a song. When Christmas time comes, people will always sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The composer and author of this song are unknown till today.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Facts 9: Christmas Eve

The German people believe that a magical time in the year occurs on Christmas. If you have a pure heart, you can hear the animal talking.

Christmas Facts 10: The Most Expensive Christmas Tree

The world most expensive Christmas tree ever displayed was located on the United Arab Emirates located on Emirates Palace. The cost of the tree was around $11,026,900.

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Christmas is the time for you to bring a pure feeling in the heart.   The interesting facts about Christmas allow you to know what actually occurred in the past related to the presence of candy cane, Santa Clause, Christmas tree and stocking.

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