10 Interesting Subway Facts

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Subway Facts present the interesting information about the American fast food restaurant franchise. Doctor’s Associates Inc. is the operator and owner of Subway. The main menus served for the loyal customers include the submarine sandwiches and salads. The international base for Subway is located in Milford, Connecticut. Check other interesting facts about Subway below:

Subway Facts 1: the popularity of Subway

Subway is very popular in the world. As of 18 September 2015, it spread in more than 110 countries in the world with 44,280 restaurants. There is no need to wonder that it becomes one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.

Subway Facts 2: the regional centers

The international operation of Subway is supported by five regional centers. The support center for Latin American’s subway is based in Miami, Florida.  The Asian offices are located in Singapore and Beirut, Lebanon. The European offices are located in Amsterdam. The New Zealand and Australian franchises are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Subway Menu

Subway Menu

Subway Facts 3: Fred DeLuca

Fred DeLuca began his “Pete’s Super Submarines” business in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Peter Buck was his friend who lent him $1,000 to start the business. Doctor’s Associates Inc, which has the function to manage the operation of this restaurant, was formed in the following year.

Subway Facts 4: the new name

The sandwich restaurant was renamed into Subway in 1968. The name of the holding company was Doctor’s Associates which had nothing to do with any medical organization. It was derived from the doctorate in physics of Bucks and the goal of DeLuca to start the business so that he could earn the tuition for his medical school.

Facts about Subway

Facts about Subway

Subway Facts 5: the first subway

In 1978, the West Coast had the first subway. It was spotted in Fresco, California.

Subway Facts 6: the first Subway outside North America

In December 1984, Bahrain was selected as the first Subway located outside North America. In 1996, Brighton had its Subway restaurant. It was the first one in United Kingdom.



Subway Facts 7: the stores in Walmart

Subway was seen in Walmart supercenters in 2004. In 2007, it was surprising to know that the number of Subway stores in United States Walmart was higher than the number of McDonald’s locations. Check McDonald’s facts here.

Subway Facts 8: the record

Subways is always included in the Top 500 Franchise List in Entrepreneur magazine since 2007. In 2012, it took number 2.

Subway Resto

Subway Resto

Subway Facts 9: Subway in 2010

Subway was the largest fast food chain in the world at the end of 2010. It had 33,749 restaurants. Get facts about Spanish food here.

Subway Facts 10: Subway in Colombia

You can find Subway restaurants located in more than 30 cities in Colombia.

Subway Facts

Subway Facts

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