10 Interesting St. Augustine Facts

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Find the interesting information about Saint Augustine in St. Augustine Facts. He was born on November 13th, 354 and died on August 28th, 430. St. Augustine is an important person due to his writings related to the development of Western philosophy and Western Christianity. There is no need to wonder that he was considered as the early Christian philosopher and theologian. Check other facts about him below:

St. Augustine Facts 1: a bishop

Do you know that Saint Augustine was a bishop in Hippo Regius? Probably most of you have not heard the name of this region. Today, it is considered as the modern Annaba located in Algeria.

St. Augustine Facts 2: The City of God and Confessions

The City of God and Confessions are considered as the important writing by Saint Augustine.  It affects the development of Western Christianity. Therefore, people call him as one of the influential Church Fathers.

St.Augustine Pic

St.Augustine Pic

St. Augustine Facts 3: the early years

Manichaeism influenced the thought of Saint Augustine during his early years. Then he was influenced by Neo-Platonism of Platinus.

St. Augustine Facts 4: Christianity

In 387, Saint Augustine was converted and baptized into Christianity. Then he used different kinds of perspective and method to develop the theology and philosophy.

Facts about St.Augustine

Facts about St.Augustine

St. Augustine Facts 5: the doctrine of the original sin

Do you know the doctrine of the original sin? Actually Saint Augustine took part to formulate it. The development of the just war theory was also a part of his seminal contribution.

St. Augustine Facts 6: Western Roman Empire

The spiritual City of God was represented from the concept of the pre-Schism Catholic Church developed by Saint Augustine. He developed the thought after the disintegration of Western Roman Empire. He was able to distinguish it from the Earthly City.

St. Augustine facts

St. Augustine facts

St. Augustine Facts 7: the medieval thought

The medieval thoughts were heavily influenced by Saint Augustine’s thought. One of them was the concept of Trinity developed by Council of Constantinople and Council of Nicaea which shared similarities with City of God by the saint. Check facts about Saint David here.

St. Augustine Facts 8: the role of Saint Augustine

The role of Saint Augustine in the Anglican Communion and Catholic Church is as the patron of the Augustinians, Doctor of the Church and a saint.

St.Augustine Image

St.Augustine Image

St. Augustine Facts 9: the memorial

On 28th August, people celebrate the memorial of Saint Augustine. Due to his teachings and works on divine grace and salvation, he is considered as the theological fathers of protestant reformation by the Calvinists. Get facts about Saint Lucy here.

St. Augustine Facts 10: the patron saint

Saint Augustine is considered as the patron saint of alleviation of sore eye, printers, brewers, and theologians.



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