10 Interesting Alberta Canada Facts

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Alberta Canada Facts tell the readers about a western province in Canada. According to the census in 2016, it was a home for 4,067,175 people. It covers the area of 250,000 square miles or 660,000 sq km. Since May 2015, Alberta has been under the premiership of Rachel Notley.  On 1 September 1905, Alberta was established as a province along with Saskatchewan. Let’s find out other details about Alberta, Canada:

Alberta Canada Facts 1: boundaries

Alberta shares a border with Montana of United States to the south. This landlocked province shares other boundaries with Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The three of them are the provinces in Canada.

Alberta Canada Facts 2: climate

The climate of Alberta is humid continental.  The occasional Chinook winds bring warmer feeling during the winter season.

Alberta Canada Image

Alberta Canada Image

Alberta Canada Facts 3: the capital

Edmonton serves as the capital of Alberta. The resource industries, Athabasca oil sands and Canada’s crude oil are mainly supplied from Alberta. Get facts about Prince Edward Island here.

Alberta Canada Facts 4: Calgary

The largest city in Alberta is Calgary. It is situated around 180 miles or 290 kilometres of Edmonton. Both cities are the home for more than one million people. Thus, both earn the status as metropolitan areas in Alberta.

Alberta Canada Map

Alberta Canada Map

Alberta Canada Facts 5: the tourist destinations

Alberta has a number of interesting places to visit. They are Sylvan Lake, Jasper, Drumheller, Canmore and Banff.

Alberta Canada Facts 6: flora

Alberta is a home to various flowers and plants.  The wild rose, golden beans and prairie crocus anemone are the common types of flowers found in northern and central Alberta.

Alberta Canada

Alberta Canada

Alberta Canada Facts 7: animals

You will spot different types of animals in Alberta because of its four climatic regions. The black bears and grizzly bears are the notable large carnivores, which settle here.

Alberta Canada Facts 8: economy

The petroleum industry boosts the growth of economy in Alberta. Technology and agriculture also play significant roles to support it. Read facts about Quebec here.

facts about Alberta Canada

facts about Alberta Canada

Alberta Canada Facts 9: the per capita GDP

The per capita GDP of Switzerland, Norway and US was surpassed by Alberta in 2013.  Moreover, the province has not had any debt.  In Canada, it takes the status as the freest economy.

Alberta Canada Facts 10: the most urbanized region

The most urbanized region in Alberta was located in Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. It was a home for 72 percent of the people who lived in the province.

Alberta Canada Facts

Alberta Canada Facts

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