10 Interesting Saskatchewan Facts

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The prairie province in Canada is explained in Saskatchewan Facts. The total land of Saskatchewan is around 592,534 square kilometers. The total area is 251,700 square miles or 651,900 square km. The area of Saskatchewan contains reservoirs, lakes, ponds and rivers. The north of Saskatchewan is the Northwest Territories, while the west part is Province of Alberta. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Saskatchewan below:

Saskatchewan Facts 1: the population

Saskatchewan is inhabited by 1,114,170 people based on the census conducted in 2013. Most of them are based in the southern half of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Facts 2: the density

The largest city in Saskatchewan is Saskatoon. It is inhabited by 257,300 residents. Regina is the capital of this province. It is occupied by 210,000 people. There are several major cities in Saskatchewan. Those are Yorkton, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, North Battleford, and Swift Current. Get facts about Prince Edward Island here.

Saskatchewan Beauty

Saskatchewan Beauty

Saskatchewan Facts 3: the indigenous group

Before the European settlement, Saskatchewan was occupied by the indigenous group. In 1690, it was explored by the European people. In 1774, they made settlement here. In 1905, it was a province.

Saskatchewan Facts 4: the name

The name of this province was taken from the name of Saskatchewan River. In the Cree language, the name of the river was kisiskaciwani-sipiy. In English, it means swift flowing river.

Saskatchewan Pic

Saskatchewan Pic

Saskatchewan Facts 5: Tommy Douglas

In 1944 till 1961, the premier of this province was Tommy Douglas. He took the record as the first elected social democratic politician in North America.  In the beginning of 20th century, this province was famous as the stronghold of Canadian democratic socialism. Now, Brad Wall is the current premier. Vaughn Solomon Schofield is the current lieutenant governor. Get facts about Canada here.

Saskatchewan Facts 6: economy

The economy of the people who live in Saskatchewan is centered on energy, mining and agriculture.

Saskatchewan Image

Saskatchewan Image

Saskatchewan Facts 7: Saskatchewan First Nations

Saskatchewan First Nations and the federal and provincial government had a historic land agreement signed in 1992. The First Nations had 761,000 acres of land that they had acquired. It is also permitted for the First Nations to buy the land in open market.

Saskatchewan Facts 8: the most popular sport in Saskatchewan

Can you guess the most popular sport in Saskatchewan? It is hockey.

Saskatchewan Flag

Saskatchewan Flag

Saskatchewan Facts 9: NHL players

There are more than 490 NHL players who were born in the province.

Saskatchewan Facts 10: notable NHL figures

Some notable NHL figures that were born in Saskatchewan include Harry Watson, Elmer Lach, Keith Allen, Gordie Howe, Brian Propp, Scott Hartnell, Brad McCrimmon, and Patrick Marleau.

Saskatchewan Facts

Saskatchewan Facts

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