10 Interesting Quebec Facts

Thursday, December 25th 2014. | Provinces

Quebec Facts talk about an important region in Canada. Have you ever visited Quebec before? There are many interesting places that you can enjoy here. You can go to Alma. It is a part of Lac St Jean region. If you want to know more about Quebec, check out the following post below:

Quebec Facts 1: the cultural capital

Can you guess the cultural capital of English Quebec? It is located in Montreal. The largest population of in all of Quebec is located in Montreal. Find out Montreal facts here.

Quebec Facts 2: location

Most people in Quebec speak French as their official language. The location of this province is in the east central Canada. Based on the area, Quebec is called as the largest province in Canada.

Quebec at Night

Quebec at Night

Quebec Facts 3: population

Based on the population, Quebec is placed in the second position of the most populated province. The first one is Ontario. The people are more concentrated on the urban areas.

Quebec Facts 4: the traditional Quebec food

The cuisines in Quebec contain a lot of lard and fat. It was originated since the fur trade period where the meat was very abundant.

Quebec Map

Quebec Map

Quebec Facts 5: the famous cuisines

If you are visiting Quebec, you have to try the famous cuisines such as Poutine, Pâté Chinois and Tourtière. Most cuisines in the province are influenced by the Irish, French and Canadian aboriginal food.

Quebec Facts 6: beer

Beer is one of the favorite drinks in Quebec.  The local people had produced beer long time ago. But the production of beer in a large scale began since 1980s. Some famous breweries in Quebec include Molson Coors, Unibroue, and Labatt.

Quebec Pic

Quebec Pic

Quebec Facts 7: the wildlife

Quebec has wonderful wildlife.  You can spot various animals here such as Caribou, muskox, moose, white-tailed deer, polar bear, Arctic fox, coyote, and cougar and Eastern wolf.

Quebec Facts 8: the inland water

The inland water in Quebec has great biodiversity. You can spot Muskellunge, Acipenser oxyrinchus, Largemouth bass, Arctic char, Microgadus tomcod, and Walleye.



Quebec Facts 9: the culture

The culture in Quebec is a combination of the recent immigrant culture and aboriginal culture. When you are in Quebec, there is no need to wonder that most people use French to communicate. Find out facts about Canada here.

Quebec Facts 10: the music and dance

Let’s find out the interesting dance and music in Quebec.  The dance features the traditional music. You can spot the quadrille, jig, line dancing and reel dancing here.

Quebec Facts

Quebec Facts

Are you impressed with facts about Quebec?

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