10 Interesting Nova Scotia Facts

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014. | Provinces

Nova Scotia Facts present the interesting facts about one of the wonderful provinces in Canada. The capital of the province is Halifax. You can find many interesting places to visit in Nova Scotia. Find out the detail information by reading the following post below:

Nova Scotia Facts 1: Hallifax waterfront

The largest city with the most population in Nova Scotia is located in Halifax. It is inhabited by 403,000 million people.

Nova Scotia Facts 2: the province in Canada

Nova Scotia is the tenth province in Canada. If you want to visit Nova Scotia, you just need to go to the east coast of the country. Many people like to visit it because it presents the long coastline. It is called as the Maritime province near the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Scotia Facts

Nova Scotia Facts

Nova Scotia Facts 3: The Canadian Confederation

In 1867, Nova Scotia joined the Canadian Confederation. Check Canada facts for detail information.

Nova Scotia Facts 4: the flag

Let’s find out the provincial flag used in Nova Scotia.   In 1625, the flag was decorated with blue stain Andrew’s cross with gold and red crested of a lion located in the middle of the flag.

Nova Scotia Lighthouse

Nova Scotia Lighthouse

Nova Scotia Facts 5: the provincial flower

Nova Scotia also had a provincial flower since 1901. It is the mayflower.  You can see the full bloom of mayflower at the beginning of spring season. It is characterized with light pink buds and white blooms.

Nova Scotia Facts 6: the provincial bird

Can you guess the provincial bird in Nova Scotia? It is the Osprey. It has been called as the official bird since 1994. The bird likes to eat fish for it is included as a meat eating bird. In a year, the osprey will hatch 2 till 3 eggs.

Nova Scotia Scenery

Nova Scotia Scenery

Nova Scotia Facts 7: the provincial dog

Nova Scotia is very unique because it also has a provincial dog. Not many provinces in the world have it. Since 1995, the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever was selected as the provincial dog. The breed was in the country for more than 100 years. This pure Canadian breed was the smallest from all kinds of retriever dogs.

Nova Scotia Facts 8: burial

You must know about the sinking ship of Titanic. Do you know that 150 passengers in Titanic were buried in Halifax?

Nova Scotia Summer

Nova Scotia Summer

Nova Scotia Facts 9: a national historic site

One of the interesting national historic sites in Nova Scotia is located in the town of Baddeck on Cape Breton Island. There was a summer home of the famous inventor, Alexander graham Bell. It was built in 1886.

Nova Scotia Facts 10: the founder of Halifax

Do you know the founder of Halifax? He was the honorable Edward Cornwallis of England. The city was established in 1749.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

One place that you should not miss is the Public Garden on Spring Garden Road. You can enjoy the unique flowers and trees. Are you impressed with facts about Nova Scotia?

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