10 Interesting New Brunswick Facts

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New Brunswick Facts give the interesting facts about one of the provinces in the world. You can enjoy outdoor adventures and sightseeing here. The fresh seafood is very delicious. They are sold in affordable price. Check the following post for detail facts about New Brunswick:

New Brunswick Facts 1: population

Let’s find out the population of New Brunswick.  Based on the report in 2011, it was the home of 751,171 people. New Brunswick is very famous as one of the Maritime Provinces. Based on the area, it is called as the largest one in Canada. Find out Canada facts here.

New Brunswick Facts 2: bilingual

The people in New Brunswick are bilingual. Most people speak French and English. The Acadian decent likes to speak French.

New Brunswick Canada

New Brunswick Canada

New Brunswick Facts 3: the capital

The capital city of New Brunswick is Frederickson. If you want to visit the most populous city, you can go to Saint John.

New Brunswick Facts 4: The Bay of Fundy

If you want to know the highest tide in the world, you can see The Bay of Fundy. The best place to know the tide is from the Hopewell Rocks. You can go on foot or by using kayak. It depends on your preference.

New Brunswick Cities

New Brunswick Cities

New Brunswick Facts 5: The McAdam Railway Station

If you want to know a unique building created in 1900, you can need to go to The McAdam Railway Station. This railway is a heritage station which made people impressed with its uniqueness.

New Brunswick Facts 6: Grand Falls Gorge

Grand Falls Gorge is the largest waterfall in New Brunswick.  The height of the waterfall is 230 feet or 70 meters. The length is around 1.5 km. Do you know that 90 percent of the water from the Niagara waterfall flowing on the Grand Falls Gorge in seconds?

New Brunswick Facts

New Brunswick Facts

New Brunswick Facts 7: a National Historic Site

If you want to know the National Historic Site in New Brunswick, you have to visit the longest covered bridge in the world.  The bridge is called the Hartland Covered Bridge.  It was used as a toll bridge in 1906.  Each person who passed the bridge should play 0.03. The length of the bridge is around 1282 feet or 390 meters.

New Brunswick Facts 8: Kingsbrae Gardens

Enjoy a beautiful and wonderful view in New Brunswick by visiting Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews. Due to the beauty and comfort, it is included as one of the best public gardens in Canada.

New Brunswick Towns

New Brunswick Towns

New Brunswick Facts 9: Woodstock

The first town in New Brunswick is Woodstock. The age of the town is around 150 years.

New Brunswick Facts 10: the Covered Bridge Capital of New Brunswick

The Covered Bridge Capital of New Brunswick is Sussex. Actually this maritime province is a home to more than 60 covered bridges.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick

You have to be careful when you come to the Bay of Fundy. There are many types of sharks living here such as porbeagles, makos and threshers. Are you fascinated with facts about New Brunswick?

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