10 Interesting Manitoba Facts

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014. | Provinces

Manitoba Facts inform you with one of the three prairies provinces in Canada. Actually it is located in the center of the country. This province is interesting because it is filled with great system, history and culture. Find out more facts about Manitoba by reading the following post below:

Manitoba Facts 1: borders

Let’s find out the border of Manitoba. It is bordered by United States, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Hudson Bay and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Facts 2: elevation

Most areas in Manitoba are located on the elevation of 150 to 300 meters. But you can find out the height of 700 meter if you come to Turtle, Riding, Duck and Baldy Mountains.

Manitoba Facts

Manitoba Facts

Manitoba Facts 3: Baldy Mountain

Baldy Mountain is located in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. It is considered as the highest point in Manitoba. The elevation of the mountain is 831 meter.

Manitoba Facts 4: nickname

Many people always call Manitoba as the land of 100,000 lakes. The famous one in the province is Lake Agassiz. It is considered as the biggest one for it covers most areas in Manitoba.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Manitoba Facts 5: topography

Let’s talk about the topography in Manitoba. You can find that major rivers in western Canada flow to reach Manitoba. Therefore, the areas with most hydro electric potential are located in this province. In the northern area of Manitoba, you can find forest and glaciated area.

Manitoba Facts 6: the sunniest province

People love to come and stay in Manitoba for it is considered das one of the warmest and sunniest provinces in Canada. But in January the temperature in Southern Manitoba can reach -20 degree Celsius. Why don’t you read Canada facts here?

Manitoba Snow

Manitoba Snow

Manitoba Facts 7: population

Even though Manitoba is big, the population in the area is still low. In 2011, the area was occupied by 1,246,000 people.

Manitoba Facts 8: tourist attractions

Manitoba is a good place to visit for the people who want to enjoy great vacation. You can watch polar bears or even beluga whales here. Some people also enjoy hiking, camping, sightseeing and horseback riding. There are 50 national parks to visit.

Manitoba Statue

Manitoba Statue

Manitoba Facts 9: people in Manitoba

You can find different people living in Manitoba.  The province is still occupied by the Aboriginal people, but you can find German, Russian, Canadians, Ukrainians, and Icelanders here.

Manitoba Facts 10: name

The world Manitoba came from the language of the Cree people. It means where the spirit lives.



More than 6 percent of the people in Manitoba live in Winnipeg city. Do you want to say something on facts about Manitoba?

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