10 Interesting Gillian Wearing Facts

Thursday, February 20th 2014. | People

Gillian Wearing facts are the collection of information and trivia about her. People recognize her as talented British artist. Yet, there are still many things that you should be able to learn about her indeed. Let’s discuss below.

Gillian Wearing Facts 1: born

This famous artist was born in Birmingham. She had attended in certain High School within Dartmouth High School in Great Barr Birmingham. Later, she moved to Chelsea, London in order to study about art within Chelsea College of Art.

Gillian Wearing Facts 2:  photography exhibitions

She started to put together exhibitions of photography in the early of 1990s. It was based on the idea of anonymous strangers’ idea of photographing. The strangers gave her paper having message in it to conduct the exhibitions.

Gillian Wearing Facts

Gillian Wearing Facts

Gillian Wearing Facts 3:  UK shows

One of the shows that she had conducted in UK was held at Chisenhale Gallery in east London. It was in June 1997.

Gillian Wearing Facts 4: Turner Prize

It was within 1997 when she won the Turner Prize. She exhibited certain videos especially the 60 minutes silence. It was the video of 26 uninformed police officers. Yet, it was first recognized to be the photograph only.

Gillian Wearing OBE

Gillian Wearing OBE

Gillian Wearing Facts 5: film

She once made a film entitled Drunk. It was in the year 2000. It shows 4 drunken men who stagger around the studio. In 2001, she documented teenager’s behavior in British society. The behaviors are spending time at night and also drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Gillian Wearing Facts 6: the controversy

There was significant controversy in 2003. It was because the cover of her G2 supplement which become the cover for The Guardian.

Gillian Wearing Pic

Gillian Wearing Pic

Gillian Wearing Facts 7: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

She had the show in 2005 up to 2011 at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. It included the work such as installation, sculpture, photographic portraiture, and also video.

Gillian Wearing Facts 8:  the “Snapshot”

She had the series called “Snapshot”.  It was in 2005 and about female life cycle.

Gillian Wearing Real

Gillian Wearing Real

Gillian Wearing Facts 9: OBE

She gained the appointment of OBE or Officer of the Order of the British Empire. It was in 2011 in the purpose of the services of art.

Gillian Wearing Facts 10: PEOPLE

In the year 2013, she showed certain exhibit called PEOPLE. It was from 1984 up to 2013.

Gillian Wearing

Gillian Wearing

Are the facts about Gillian Wearing above sufficient for any of you? If you don’t gain satisfaction about the facts above, you can conduct DIY research related to the information and trivia about her from the internet. There will be many things to learn indeed.

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