10 Interesting Raphael Sanzio Facts

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Let me show you the interesting Raphael Sanzio Facts if you want to know the famous architect and painter of Italy. The famous works of Raphael include the Sistine Madonna, the School of Athens and the Transfiguration. Get more facts about Raphael below:

Raphael Sanzio Facts 1: the life span

Raphael was born on 6 April 1483 in Urbino Italy. He passed away on 6 April 1520 in Rome Italy. He lived during the Renaissance period.

Raphael Sanzio Facts 2: place of birth

As I have stated before, Raphael was born in Urbino city.  This city is very famous in Italy at that time since it was one of the cultural centers. There were many big artists who came from Urbino.

Raphael Sanzio Art

Raphael Sanzio Art

Raphael Sanzio Facts 3: father

His father was his inspiration. His name was Giovanni. He worked as a poet and painter for the local duke. The young Raphael learned to paint from his father.

Raphael Sanzio Facts 4: death of his father

It was such as a big loss for Raphael when his father passed away. At that time, he was 11 years old. However, he was very interested to become an artist. He did it by becoming one of the biggest artists and most skillful artists in Urbino.

Raphael Sanzio Image

Raphael Sanzio Image

Raphael Sanzio Facts 5: Pietro Perugino

Pietro Perugino was a famous artist who trained Raphael for four years.  He worked for Perugino when he moved to Perugia at the age of 17. He learned the painting style of Perugino. But he tried to develop his own painting style.

Raphael Sanzio Facts 6: a master painter

He was called as a master painter after he moved to Florence in 1504.   The works of the great masters such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were his inspiration.  He tried to learn their style but still sustained his unique painting style. Get facts about Leonardo da Vinci here.

Raphael Sanzio Painting

Raphael Sanzio Painting

Raphael Sanzio Facts 7: the fame

Raphael was very famous by 1508. The people in Rome heard about his fame including the Pope. Therefore, Pope Julius II asked him to decorate some rooms in Vatican. They were called stanze. He created the School of Athens here.

Raphael Sanzio Facts 8: created the School of Athens

The School of Athens was painted around 1510 or 1511 by Raphael. This painting was applied on the wall of the library in Vatican’s palace. If you look at the painting, you can see the images of Aristotle, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates and Euclid. They are selected as the famous philosopher of ancient Greece.

Raphael Sanzio Pic

Raphael Sanzio Pic

Raphael Sanzio Facts 9: The Sistine Madonna

In 1513, Raphael created an oil painting of The Sistine Madonna. You can find two angels in the painting.

Raphael Sanzio Facts 10: portrait

Raphael also created various portraits. The famous one is the portrait of Pope Julius II.

Raphael Sanzio

Raphael Sanzio Facts

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