10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Sunday, October 27th 2013. | History

Pearl Harbor facts present the basic facts about Pearl Harbor invasion by Japanese people. The incident occurred on 7th December 1941. There was no warning that the Japanese army would attack the US army base in Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred from 7:55 to 9:45. It lasted for about 100 minutes. Here are the complete facts if you are curious about it:

Pearl Harbor Facts 1:US Victims

There were 1,143 wounded service men. The total service men killed during the incident were around 2,335 people. There were 35 wounded and 68 killed civilians.

Pearl Harbor Facts 2:Japanese Victims

It seems that Japan was ready enough to attack Pearl Harbor at that time. They could minimize the victims. Japan only lost 65 men. This surprise attack actually had been planned by the Japanese troop since January 1941.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Facts 3:Location Of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor became the main target of Japanese troop because it was the home of a US naval base. The location f this area was on the southern part of Oahu, Hawaii Island.

Pearl Harbor Facts 4:WWII

One of the main reasons on why United States involved in World War 2 was because of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Pearl Harbor and Japan

Pearl Harbor and Japan

Pearl Harbor Facts 5: Commander Minoru Genda

Commander Minoru Genda was the chief architect of the Pearl Harbor attack. The man who initiated the attack on US naval base was Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamtoo. The codename for this operation is Operation Z. At first it was called as Operation Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor Facts 6:Time

The time picked by the Japanese people was perfect. They attacked Pearl Harbor on Sunday. They thought that US people were more relaxed during the weekend. Thus, their base probably was not truly protected.

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor Attack

Pearl Harbor Facts 7:Airplanes

There were two waves of airplanes which attacked Pearl Harbor. Both were launched 45 minutes apart. The first wave of airplanes came to Pearl Harbor at 7:55 a.m. The second wave of air plane came to Pearl Harbor at 8:40 am.

Pearl Harbor Facts 8: Commander Mitsuo Fuchida

Commander Mitsuo Fuchida was famous with his “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (“Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!”). He shouted like this to tell the Japanese navy that the US people were surprised with this plan. It seems that US people were not ready with the attack.

Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts

Pearl Harbor Facts 9: Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers were the main target of Japanese troop. However, the Japanese troop had to focus on the battleship because all three airplane carriers that US had were out of the sea.

Pearl Harbor Facts 10: US Servicemen

Japanese people were smart when picking the time of the attack. Many service men in US naval base were still eating their breakfast or even wearing pajamas when the battle began.

Pearl Harbor War

Pearl Harbor War

The American people identified the planes owned by the Japanese people easily because of the symbol of ‘meatball”. It was actually the rising sun which symbolized a large and red circle located on the side of Japanese planes. Do you have any opinion on facts about Pearl Harbor?

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