10 Interesting Valentine Day Facts

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Valentine Day Facts inform the readers with the annual holiday celebration. It is celebrated on February 14th. It is often called Feast of Saint Valentine, Saint’s Valentine Day or Valentine’s Day. Valentinus is the early saint used to name this holiday.  The origin of this holiday was from the feast of western Christian liturgy.  It is not a public holiday in the world even though many people celebrate it commercially and culturally.  The story behind the celebration of Valentine Day is associated with several martyrdoms and martyrologies. Let us check other interesting facts about Valentine Day:

Valentine Day Facts 1: the popular story about Saint Valentine of Rome

There was a popular story related to Saint Valentine of Rome. Due to his act for performing the forbidden marriage of soldiers, he was jailed. Moreover, the Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire were ministered by him.

Valentine Day Facts 2: the legend of his imprisonment

There was a legend related to Valentine’s imprisonment. The daughter of his jailer cured and healed by Valentine when he was imprisoned.

Facts about Valentine Day

Facts about Valentine Day

Valentine Day Facts 3: the execution

The farewell letter of Valentine to the daughter of his jailer was “Your Valentine” before he was executed. Get Facts about Chinese New Year here.

Valentine Day Facts 4: the romantic love

The circle of Geoffrey Chaucer dated back in 14th century involved with the romantic love. At that time, the courtly love became a practice.

Valentine Day Facts

Valentine Day Facts

Valentine Day Facts 5: the Valentines in 18th century

The Valentines in 18th century had a unique tradition by sending the greeting cards, offering confectionery and sending flowers as love expression.

Valentine Day Facts 6: the Keys of Saint Valentine

The romantic symbol in Europe is represented by the Keys of Saint Valentine.

Valentine Day Pic

Valentine Day Pic

Valentine Day Facts 7: the present-day symbols of Saint Valentine

The winged Cupid, doves and heart-shaped outline are some symbols of Valentine Day.

Valentine Day Facts 8: the greeting cards

The greeting cards were massively produced since 19th century where they featured the handwritten valentines. Get Facts about Iditarod Race here.

Valentine Day

Valentine Day

Valentine Day Facts 9: the official feast day

The Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion consider the Saint Valentine’s Day as the official feast day.

Valentine Day Facts 10: the number of valentines cards

In United States, there are at least 190 million valentines sent. The number is estimated by the U.S. Greeting Card Association. In 2010, a person averagely spends $108 for a valentine day. In 2013, the average spending was increased to $131.

Valentine Day Images

Valentine Day Images

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