10 Interesting Veterans Day Facts

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Here are the veterans day facts that people can learn more. When talking about veteran day, we have to honor their service for the country. This day is not only used to honor the military veterans but also the working mom who were the veterans for the military service. It is estimated that 1.5 million female veterans work for the country. Here are the facts that you probably have not realized about the day.

Veterans Day Facts 1: Veteran Day

Veteran day is commemorated on 11 November each year. People will do parades and speeches across United States.  It was celebrated after in Armistice Day on November 11, 1919. It was the first year when the world war was over.

Veterans Day Facts 2: National Holiday

In 1938, November 11 became the national holiday. It was not called as veteran day until 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed it as a veteran day. It is used to honor all veterans who have done many things to America. Find facts about battle of Gettysburg here.

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts 3: Veterans in US

Based on the 2009 report, it is estimated that the veterans in US were around 21.9 million people. 2.3 million Veterans were black people, while female veterans were around 1.5 million people.  Based on the figures in 2008, 9.2 million veterans were in the age of 65 years old or more.

Veterans Day Facts 4: Vietnam War

The all living veterans served for the Vietnam War were around 35 percent. Based on the figure in 2009, it is estimated that 2.7 million veterans served for the Korean War in 1950 to 1953. 47,000 veterans served for both the Vietnam and gulf war eras. A prominent figure is seen in Robert E Lee facts.

Veterans Day in US

Veterans Day in US

Veterans Day Facts 5: Labor Force

Based on the data in 2009, 9.8 veterans served in the civilian labor force.

Veterans Day Facts 6: Eating

Based on their report in 2005, female veterans can get $32,217. The female civilians can only get the earning at $27,272.

Veterans Day Pic

Veterans Day Pic

Veterans Day Facts 7: Earning Of Male Veterans

Male veteran can get the income of $42,128 based on the data in 2005.  The male civilians can reach the earning at $39,880.

Veterans Day Facts 8: Public Administration

Every week, the female veterans worked 35 hours. Their chance to serve the publish administration serve is higher compared to the non-veterans people.

Veterans Day Pics

Veterans Day Pics

Veterans Day Facts 9: Businesses

The census bureau in 2007 stated that 9 percent of 27.1 million businesses are owned the veteran people.

Veterans Day Facts 10: Median Income

The median income of veteran is around $35,402 in 2009. However, 5.7 percent of them live in poverty based on the figures made in 2008.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

What about the education of the veteran people. It is estimated that a quarter of veteran people with the age of 25 or older gained a bachelor degree. Compared to the general population who only got 85 percent high school diploma, 92 percent veterans got it. What do you think on facts about veteran day?

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