10 Interesting George Orwell Facts

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George Orwell facts will be beneficial if you want to study about a biography of him. Well, there are many people who have already recognized about him. Yet, to learn better, you should know how to take benefits from the facts that I want to provide below.

George Orwell Facts 1: childhood

He was born on June 25, 1903. It was in Motihari, India. His father is Richard W. Blair and his mother is Ida Limozin Blair. The father is the worker of opium department. His born name is Eric Arthur Blair and he had older sister Marjorie. Later, he had younger sister named Avril.

George Orwell Facts 2: boarding school

He had attended boarding school. It was in St. Cyprian’s. That is the place where he met with author named Cyril Connolley. Later they may write about the schools entitled “Such, Such Were the Joys”. It was published right after his death. It was because if the liability reason.

George Orwell Facts

George Orwell Facts

George Orwell Facts 3:  Childhood friends

We notice that he often wrote about miserable times of his childhood. Yet, his childhood friends only refer to him as very happy child. The most noticeable friend was Jacintha Buddicom.

George Orwell Facts 4: Hanley-on-Thames

His mother brought the children to England when Eric was two years old. It was in a town named Henley-on-Thames. Later for few years, they moved to Shiplake. There they lived in a house called Ermadale.

George Orwell images

George Orwell images

George Orwell Facts 5: voodoo doll

He once made a voodoo doll of a kid that he didn’t like. Later when the kid actually got hurt, he really became so much frightened. He really loved pranks. Another thing that he did is by sending birthday present such as dead rat.

George Orwell Facts 6: Eton

He also ever attended the famous Eton in the ages of 14 up to 17. He got a French class which was taught by Aldous Huxley. The fact, they may write later about certain work named “Brave New World”.

George Orwell Style

George Orwell Style

George Orwell Facts 7: colonial job

After he attended Eton, he didn’t enter university. He decided to do colonial job working like what his father did. It was in Burma and he worked as a policeman. He decided to do this because his maternal grandmother lived in Burma.

George Orwell Facts 8:  tattoo

He got tattoos on his knuckles while he was in Burma. He also grew his mustache which becomes famous later.

George Orwell

George Orwell

George Orwell Facts 9: the author

He decided to become author later. He began to do tramping in Paris and also London. His first book was “Down and Out in Paris and London”.

George Orwell Facts 10: Eileen O’Shaugnessy

He met a woman named Eileen O’Shaughnessy. Later he married her in June 1936. They lived in small village Wallington later.



The facts about George Orwell will be your basic in recognizing about this author. Further information can be reviewed by gathering different sources.

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