8 Interesting Lent Facts

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Lent facts give the interesting information about a ceremony held 40 days before the Easter in the Christian calendar. The start of Lent occurs in the Ash of Wednesday. People around the world like to celebrate Lent. Let me show you the amazing facts about Lent by reading he post below:

Lent Facts 1: day lent

We cannot decide the day of Lent because the celebration depends on the date of Easter Sunday.  Lent   is the period of 40 days before the celebration of Easter.  You can count the date of Lent, but Sundays should not be included. Learn more about Christianity facts here.

Lent Facts 2: name

Lent is a unique name for this celebration.  It was originated from the word lengthen from the old English word. The Holy Week is used to call the last week of Lent.

Lent 40 Days

Lent 40 Days

Lent Facts 3: Violet

Lent has a special color. It is violet. You can find that violet fabric is used to cover the religious paraphernalia, statues and altars during the ceremony.

Lent Facts 4: why people choose violet

Do you know that violet is selected as the famous symbol in Lent?  The color represents the royalty which celebrates the resurrection of Christ after he suffered on the cross. Many people also link the violet color with morning due to the paint that Christ faced in the cross.

Lent Days

Lent Days

Lent Facts 5: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the day when Lent usually starts in most Christians. To present the sign of repentance to God, the people will rub ashes on the forehead. The people got the ashes from the Palm Sunday. It is created by burning the blessed palms.

Lent Facts 6: How to celebrate Ash Wednesday

The people have various activities during the Ash Wednesday. They have to perform fasting. They will do repentance, pray to god and avoid eating meet. The absence of meat in the daily menu will occur in all Fridays in Lent ceremony.

Lent Facts

Lent Facts

Lent Facts 7: self discipline

Lent also makes the faithful people learn on how to increase self discipline. People should avoid a certain vice such as eating their favorite food or even smoking during the Lent to test their self discipline. It is hard for the people who like to smoke, is not it?

Lent Facts 8: Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz is a famous person who gave advice to the Filipino Catholic in 2010. He said that the people should avoid sending text messages, watching movies, playing video games or even using social network during the Lent days.

Lent Holy

Lent Holy

British Church leaders also encourage people to avoid accessing face book, iPod or other gadgets for at least one day in Lent. What do you think on facts about Lent?

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