10 Interesting Advent Facts

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Advent facts explore the ideas about the moment before the Christmas season. The Christian people know more about advent. The period starts on Sunday. It the past, advent season began around 30th November. But it changes from time to time. This year, advent begins on 1st December. Here are some interesting facts about advent:

Advent Facts 1: word

The word advent is derived from the Latin language. It means the coming. This season has been used by people to increase their spirituality. It can combine both anticipation and cheer.

Advent Facts 2: tradition

Over the time, advent tradition is changed. People in modern day have a secular tradition by performing holiday gift givers. They buy gift for other people. However, there are some families who still perform the traditional value. They will have a quiet moment by lighting candles in the advent wreath.



Advent Facts 3: history of advent

Advent is the time where the Christianity is ready for baptism. Advent began in 4th century.

Advent Facts 4: second coming of Jesus

Advent is always linked with the preparation of the second coming in the middle ages. Back in the early days, people recognize that advent last from the feast of St Martin to Christmas Day on 11 November.

Advent and Candles

Advent and Candles

Advent Facts 5: Pre Christmas season

Many people consider advent as a pre Christmas season of Lent. It was the time for the Christian people to pray and fast.

Advent Facts 6: Orthodox Eastern Church

Orthodox Eastern Church has different observation on the pre time before Christmas. They call it as a Lenten season. It is occurred from 15 November till Christmas.

Advent Decor

Advent Decor

Advent Facts 7: belief

There are some Christians who think that advent is a season used to prepare the second coming of Jesus. But this belief changes in the last fifteen years. It is used as a time to anticipate nativity.

Advent Facts 8: Advent Wreaths

Advent wreath is used to symbolize the ongoing life in the northern Europe. The wreath is created from the wheel shaped bundles of evergreen. It also features the candles which can be used to lighten the darkest time.

Advent Facts

Advent Facts

Advent Facts 9: The fifth candle

The fifth candle will be lightened in the Christmas Day to symbolize the birth of Jesus. It usually comes in white color. This candle is placed inside the wreath.

Advent Facts 10: candles in wreath

The wreath usually contains four candles. They can be seen in one rose and three purple colors.

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

The rose candle is used to present joy, while the purple candles are used to present love, hope and peace. Are you satisfied with facts about advent?

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