10 Interesting Mole Day Facts

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Mole Day Facts present the ideas about a basic measuring unit in chemistry. Some people misunderstand the term by thinking that a mole day is about the little animal digging the ground holes. Here are facts about mole day for you:

Mole Day Facts 1: interest of chemistry

The invention of mole day is intended to increase the awareness and interest of people in the chemistry world.  The first mole day was celebrated in 1991. The celebration is not only occurred in America, but also in other parts of the world.

Mole Day Facts 2: honor

The mole day is used to honor the number of Avogadro. Can you tell me the number? It is 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. In simple number, you can wrote it 6.02 x10^23.

Mole Day Celebration

Mole Day Celebration

Mole Day Facts 3: Amadeo Avogadro

Amadeo Avogadro is the famous person who invented the Avogadro number. He lived from 1776 till 1876. Avogadro is called as the founding father of physical chemistry.

Mole Day Facts 4: celebration

When is the mole day celebrated?  It falls on 23rd of October. The celebration will last from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm.

Mole Day Facts

Mole Day Facts

Mole Day Facts 5: change

Do you know that the number of Avogadro has changed?  Now it has the value of 6.022137×10^23.

Mole Day Facts 6: themes

There are different themes that the National Mole Day Foundation used to celebrate it every year. The first mole day came with the theme of The Mole the Merrier.  It had the theme Animoles in 2013.

Mole Day Pic

Mole Day Pic

Mole Day Facts 7: National Chemistry Week

The National Chemistry Week is sponsored by American Chemical Society. They will celebrate a mole week from Sunday to Saturday during 23rd of October.

Mole Day Facts 8: other themes of mole day

There are many other themes of mole day picked by the chemistry people. In 1993, it had the theme Mole out the Barrel.  Other included 1994 An Ace in The Mole, 2000 Celebrate the Molennium, 2004 Pi a la MOLE, 2010 Moles of the Caribbean, 2009 Molar Express, and 2014 Mole-O’Ween.

Mole Day T-Shirt

Mole Day T-Shirt

Mole Day Facts 9: the National Mole Day Foundation

The National Mole Day Foundation was created on 15 May 1991 by a high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Maurice Oehler. He was inspired by an article in the beginning of 1980s ‘The Science Teacher’ to create a mole day.

Mole Day Facts 10: purpose of mole day

The mole day is celebrated by many high schools not only in US, but also in Canada, Australia and South Africa to increase the interest of the students with chemistry. Find out chemistry facts.

Mole Day

Mole Day

Mole day is a good unofficial celebration at school because it can educate more students about chemistry. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mole day?

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