10 Interesting Memorial Day Facts

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One of the important events in the world is explained in Memorial Day Facts. The Memorial Day marks the first sunburn of the year. You can also find out the spirit of the people who memorize all events started the civil war in US. Here are facts about Memorial Day for you:

Memorial Day Facts 1: why people celebrate the Memorial Day?

The Memorial Day was used to honor the people who died in the icily war in US. There are at least 620,000 soldiers died in both sides.  The Memorial Day is about commemorating the people who died in the civil war which led into the lost of thousand life.

Memorial Day Facts 2: women and Memorial Day

The women from Boalsburg set some flowers on the graves of the dead soldiers during the civil war in 1864. Other women also put flowers on the grave of the soldiers buried in a Vicksburg.

Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day Facts 3: women from Columbus

Women from Columbus put flowers on the graves of the dead soldiers of both sides, confederate and union soldiers in April 1866.

Memorial Day Facts 4: 219 Civil War veterans

219 Civil War veterans had a march in Carbondale to commemorate the civil war. Maj. Gen. John A. Logan delivered a speech which marked the first observance of Memorial Day. Find out civil war facts here.

Memorial Day Graves

Memorial Day Graves

Memorial Day Facts 5: an annual community service

An annual community service was held at Waterloo, New York on 5 May 1866. It marked the official birthplace of the Memorial Day even though other towns in US also claimed the title.

Memorial Day Facts 6: Decoration Day

Today people called the commemoration of the civil war as a Memorial Day. In the past, people called it as a decoration day since people often decorated the graves of the soldiers with flowers, flags, and wreaths.

Memorial Day Pic

Memorial Day Pic

Memorial Day Facts 7: the new name

People began to call it Memorial Day after the World War II. In 1967, the federal law officially announced   it as Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Facts 8: the first Memorial Day ceremony

The first Memorial Day ceremony was conducted by president Ulysses S Grant on 30 May 1868 at Arlington National cemetery. Actually until 1864, the place was the plantation of General Robert E Lee.

Memorial Day US

Memorial Day US

Memorial Day Facts 9: flag

There are many customs that people do during the Memorial Day. One of them is flying the flag at half staff until the noon. Then you need to raise it at the top of the staff until the sunset comes.

Memorial Day Facts 10: In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields is the poem by John McCrea who inspired the customs of Memorial Day. Furthermore, People began to wear red artificial poppies.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Moina Michael was a volunteer war worker who participated to arouse people wearing a poppy as a tribute to the war veterans. Do you have any questions on facts about Memorial Day?

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