10 Interesting King Charles 1st Facts

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If you want to know the king of England, look at King Charles 1st facts. King Charles is one of the important kings of England. In 1626, he had a coronation. At that time his height was 4’-8”.  At one time, his height reached 5’-4” tall. Find out other interesting facts about King Charles 1st in the following post:

King Charles 1st Facts 1: hair color

Let’s talk about the appearance of King Charles 1st. Some people state that he has a brownish red color or chestnut hair color.

King Charles 1st Facts 2: pictures

In most pictures which depict the appearance of King Charles, you find out that he always wears the ruffled clothes. Daniel Mytens depicted the king with a ruffle in 1625.

King Charles 1st Britain

King Charles 1st Britain

King Charles 1st Facts 3: beard

In his middle 20, the king grew his pointed beard and mustache. He never kept it until his death. He never shaved his beard after the parliament dismissed his barber in 1647.

King Charles 1st Facts 4: manners

When he became a king, he wanted manners in the court and court life. He wanted the people to serve him with good respects and manners. For example, the servants should bended on their knee when serving him. Get other information about the British King in King George III facts.

King Charles 1st Facts

King Charles 1st Facts

King Charles 1st Facts 5: welfare

Even though the king was not easy to serve with strict rules, regulations and manners, he concerned a lot with the wealth of his servants. He would do anything to make the servants lived well.

King Charles 1st Facts 6: matchmaker

It is a surprising fact to know that King Charles 1st is a good matchmaker. During his life, he has recommended some people to marry.

King Charles 1st Image

King Charles 1st Image

King Charles 1st Facts 7: court gossip

The court gossip also affected the life of the king.  People thought that he was homosexual.  At that time, people speculated that he had a special relation with Duke of Buckingham. However, this gossip cannot be proved.

King Charles 1st Facts 8: marriage affair

There was not marriage affair between Charles and his wife. He was not associated with any mistresses. However, he was interested with Jane Whorwhood at Carsbrooke Castle in 1647.   But there is no prove that he had an affair with her.

King Charles 1st Pic

King Charles 1st Pic

King Charles 1st Facts 9: lazy

Talking about his character as a king, he was too lazy to think about managing the government. He spent most of his time reading Shakespeare.

King Charles 1st Facts 10: early years

During his early years, King Charles was a shy person. He was not good with women due to his shy nature.

King Charles 1st

King Charles 1st

People admired King Charles 1st because of his gentle, polite and casual manners. Do you have suggestion on facts about King Charles 1st?

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