10 Interesting Robert Koch Facts

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Robert Koch Facts inform you with the famous physician who worked in the era of Queen Victoria.  He is very famous in the world after he could develop his methods to grow and isolate the bacteria. He used the petri dishes and agar plates to do it. There is no need to wonder that Koch is called as the one of the founders of microbiology. Here are other interesting facts about Koch for you:

Robert Koch Facts 1: date of birth

Koch was born on 11 December 1843 under the full name Robert Heinrich Herman Koch. He passed away on 27 May 1910. He was famous as the pioneering microbiologist and physician from Germany.

Robert Koch Facts 2: the modern bacteriology

Koch gave big contribution in the modern bacteriology. He could find out the specific causative agents of anthrax, cholera and tuberculosis. Find out another figure in Robert Bunsen facts.

Robert Koch Quotes

Robert Koch Quotes

Robert Koch Facts 3: the infectious disease

Due to his experiments, he could bring the fundamental support for the infectious disease concept. He also gave contribution of the field of microbiology having the renewed techniques. His laboratory was improved too with new technologies that he made.

Robert Koch Facts 4: Nobel Prize

Koch was awarded with a Nobel Prize because of his research on tuberculosis. He received this amazing award in 1905 in the field of Physiology or Medicine.

Robert Koch TBC

Robert Koch TBC

Robert Koch Facts 5: Koch’s postulates

Koch’s postulates are very important in the medical works. It states that an organism or microbe is the cause of a disease.

Robert Koch Facts 6: traveling

Koch went to several countries in the world to study. He went to South Africa, Egypt, Java and India. Get facts about India here.

Robert Koch

Robert Koch

Robert Koch Facts 7: the influence

The works of Koch influenced others. The pupils of Koch were able to find out the causes of disease like tetanus, bubonic plague, leprosy, diphtheria and typhoid by using the microbiology methods of Koch.

Robert Koch Facts 8: the smart student

Since his early age, he was a very smart student.  He taught himself to write and read before he attended the school in 1848. He was good at mathematics and science. He decided to study the natural science when he was 19. He went to University of Göttingen. But he switched his major to medicine after two semesters studying natural science. He wanted to become a physician.

Robert Koch Facts

Robert Koch Facts

Robert Koch Facts 9: the graduation

He became a surgeon in Franco-Prussian War after he graduated in 1866. Then he worked in Wollstein, Posen as a physician.

Robert Koch Facts 10: personal life

He married to Emma Fraatz in July 1867. Both were blessed with two daughters. But in 1893, the marriage ended and he married Hedwig Freiberg, an actress.

Robert Koch Pictures

Robert Koch Pictures

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