10 Interesting George McClellan Facts

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Find about one of the main people in US by reading the following post in George McClellan facts. This man had a good military career even though he was a bit controversial. He was against president Lincoln in some parts.

George McClellan Facts 1: death

The death of McClellan is very surprising. He passed away suddenly because of chest pain in 1885. He was buried in Trenton, New Jersey. You can find his graveyard in Riverview Cemetery.

George McClellan Facts 2: McClellan’s Own Story

McClellan’s Own Story is a memoir of McClellan. It was published soon after his death. This book can give you a lot of information about failure and victory in his military career.

George Mcclellan facts

George Mcclellan facts

George McClellan Facts 3: governor

In 1878, McClellan became the governor of New Jersey.  He served the office from 1878 to 1881.   In the election, he could defeat the William A. Newell who came from the Republican Party.

George McClellan Facts 4: U.S. presidency

In 1864, McClellan decided to grab the seat of presidency. However, he was very unsuccessful on the presidency election held in 1864. During his campaign, he was very controversial since he was against President Lincoln.

George Mcclellan Image

George Mcclellan Image

George McClellan Facts 5: Battle of Antietam

The big criticism for McClellan was in the Battle of Antietam. It was occurred in 1862. During the history of the civil war, the battle of Antietam was considered as the bloodiest war ever. There were at least 25,000 armies wounded and killed.

George McClellan Facts 6: Henry W. Halleck

Henry W. Halleck was the successor of George McClellan. This man was appointed as the general of the union armies in 1862. President Lincoln was very upset with McClellan dilatory military tactic so he chose another soldier.

George Mcclellan Pic

George Mcclellan Pic

George McClellan Facts 7: George McClellan and presidency support

George McClellan supported Stephen A. Douglas   for the US presidential candidate in 1860. Since he was opposed Abraham Lincoln, he gave his support on the Democratic Party candidate, Douglas.

George McClellan Facts 8: Douglas’s point of view

McClellan gave his support for the candidate Douglas since both had similar point of view. Both were not in favor for equality for black people.

George Mcclellan

George Mcclellan

George McClellan Facts 9: votes

During the election, Lincoln has 180 votes. He beat the other candidates. Douglas whom he supported only got 12 votes.

George McClellan Facts 10: Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis was McClellan’s boss from 1853 to 1857. At that time, he worked as a railroad engineer and a surveyor.

George Mcclellan and Wife

George Mcclellan and Wife

In 1840, McClellan was enrolled in University of Pennsylvania. He studied law here. Are you inspired with facts about George McClellan?

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