10 Interesting Jose Marti Facts

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Jose Marti Facts give the interesting facts about the important figure in Latin American literature. He was known as the Cuban national hero. People love him much due to his outstanding character and contribution. Let’s find out more about Jose Marti by reading the following post below:

Jose Marti Facts 1: roles

He had many roles in the society. People know Jose Marti as a political theorist, publisher, professor, translator, essayist, poet, revolutionary philosopher and journalist.  He was famous as one of the Cuban Freemasons.

Jose Marti Facts 2: independence

Jose Marti is considered as a national hero in Cuba due to his politician activity and writing. He wanted the country to grant independence from Spain in the 19th century. There is no need to wonder that Jose Marti is always called as the Apostle of Cuban Independence. Read Cuba facts here.

Jose Marti Cuba

Jose Marti Cuba

Jose Marti Facts 3: writings

Most of his writings talk about the political independent for Cuba, a promotion of liberty, threat of US expansionism, and threat from Spain.

Jose Marti Facts 4: place of birth

Jose Marti was born in Havana. His awareness for independence in Cuba began in his early age. He liked to travel to US, Latin America and Spain to raise the awareness of the people for the Cuban Independence.

Jose Marti Facts

Jose Marti Facts

Jose Marti Facts 5: Cuban War of Independence

One of the important events in Cuba is Cuban War of Independence. The war was against Spain. The Cuban émigré community played a big role for the success of the war.

Jose Marti Facts 6: Cuban Revolutionary Party

The one who established Cuban Revolutionary Party was Jose Marti. The execution of the war was successful so that the country needed a party and an ideology that he created in Cuba.

Jose Marti Style

Jose Marti Style

Jose Marti Facts 7: death

On 19th May 1895, Jose Marti passed away in a military action. The Cuban people felt a big lost that day.

Jose Marti Facts 8: literature

He contributed a lot in the world of literature. During his life, Jose Marti had written numerous children magazines, novels, lectures, letters, poems and essays.

Jose Marti

Jose Marti

Jose Marti Facts 9: newspapers

He was involved in the publication of newspapers.  He used the newspaper to raise the awareness of the people for Cuban Independence. One of his newspapers used as a campaign is Patria.

Jose Marti Facts 10: concept

When he was alive, Jose Marti created many concepts about democracy, liberty and independence. The concepts definitely affected the next generation of writers such as Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío.

Jose Marti Pic

Jose Marti Pic

One of the patriotic songs of Cuba Guantanamera was adapted from Jose Marti’s books “Versos Sencillos”. Do you have any question on facts about Jose Marti?

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